October 4, 2022

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15 thoughts on “The Truth About The Halloween Theme In Hollywood This Year

  1. Who is the chic above Porsha? Her costume is eerily too good 😳. She got that Satan look going.

    Yeah, they doing all these rituals because the world has stopped and their money has slowed. There are far more important things happening in the world so they are lacking that attention. That’s what happens when you play in the devil’s playground, nothing is guaranteed and everything is short lived.

  2. And do y’all know that chik Sukihana??? Man her & her fiancé on pornhub…only fans for wat when it’s all on pornhub🤔 i saw somebody in the comments on one of those pages on IG saying they saw her so of course my nosey ass go see and BOOP IT’S THERE! Smh

  3. I wasn’t sure if Cardi had already done it. I have no hope for these people though. I really hope I’m wrong and she doesn’t.

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