October 4, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Sugar Bullets: Carl Crawford

  1. Damn delayed 🥴😞 … his paper isn’t delayed and for the most part that’s all most women care about … he has 5 kids delayed and all. 😩

  2. I heard that too that he was wit Evelyn daughter first I bet you this is not the first man they have shared.. I bet you Evelyn thought she was gonna keep him by getting pregnant by him but nope.. he was outta there on to the next

  3. I don’t believe he was sexual with the woman found in his pool that was his artist Erica Bank’s girlfriend

  4. Mannnnnnnnnn!!!! All of this makes sense!!! Yeah he do look a little tapped. Ok soooo I knew there was more to it with this whole thing with Meg and Kelsey involved. It seems to be deeper. Hmmmmm 👀👀

  5. I know a young women who she played football with and they said the young women was a life guard and could swim. They think it was foul play and that Carl and the girlfriend had something to do with it.

  6. Chileeeeee I did not take kelsey to be messy. Guess you can’t judge a book. Idc what we went through I’ll nvr go link wit ya opps just cause we fell out. If that’s all it takes you been a fake bitch.

  7. i find it weird that erica banks & bethany were really close ( almost looked like they were in a relationship) & a month after she died, erica signed her deal with him.

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