October 4, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Hot Takes 11.1.2020

  1. And Joyner is always shouting out Rih for always giving him advice on life & Chris for being like a brother to him. Now I’m convinced that was rih in the studio with Chris and Young Thug. Not on some romantic shit, but on some we cool and can kick it shit. I’m sure rih ain’t about to deal with his drama with baby mama’s lol

  2. Why did this Joyner dude feel the need to put that information out there? Chris and Rihanna aren’t the average people up the block. With them being who they are, as soon as stuff like this is mentioned it causes commotion. Do I agree with her kicking it with Chris? No. If you fcked up my face like that, the last thing we gonna be doing is chillin. Every time I would see you it would be on sight. But outside of business, Rihanna does a lot of less than smart things in her personal life. So no, I am not shocked. And it was her face, not mine 🤷. So this isn’t my business.

    Man, I feel Drake on the knees situation 😩😩.

    Josh Hartnett needs to be thankful for the Blessing in disguise.

  3. Mel b needs a job…. Eddie is only suppose to take care of his daughter not her.. I know Eddie is giving her a nice amount of money you want more sis. If the industry don’t want you anymore find something else to do or get a fucking job.

  4. I feel so bad for Lamar, I really wish him and Khloe got back together, she took care of him and was safe and I believed she really loved him. I’m not knocking her for moving on tho

    1. Me either but I feel like if khloe want to do the kardashuan thing and get petty. We wouldn’t mind🤷🏾‍♀️Ctfu.

  5. This divorce with Dre and his wife is so ugly… but that how it is when you living foul.. she’s not perfect either karma is a huge bitch.

    1. I hate that Lamar will get messed over. That is some crazy shit that Damon Dash’s wife talks to Aaliyah in regards to pleasing Dame. I just hope Reginae don’t get pregnant by Lucci, I get the vibe that he is using her.

  6. And just how is Angela Rye suppose to get back with Common when he is with Haddish? She must know they were put together by management and waiting for it to end. But. Angela. Don’t you see a witch doctor? And his momma don’t like you.

    1. Loved Josh Hartnett. Was wondering what happened to him. Glad he was able to get out before it was too late. If I remember correctly, didn’t G say Rih and Josh almost hooked up?

  7. Reginea is young in not faulting her… but hopefully she comes to her senses on this dude I really believe he’s just using her. He need to go take care of his kids.

  8. Been knew about Chris and rih that’s nothing new tho that Lucus is saying as for Dr Dirty are y’all sure it’s female mistress and not its raining man let me just hush. These celebrities is just 🤦‍♀️

  9. This lady is talking to Baby Girl’s ghost to ask how to please Dame? That is so so weird. She probably talking to a demon lmao. YIKES!

  10. I was just thinking about Chris and Rihanna the other day. Normani better be careful because the singer dancer relationships don’t seem to last long.

  11. It’s obvious CB & RIH are cool. It’s in her
    Unapologetic album / duet with CB “NOBODY’S BUSINESS”. Part of healing is forgiveness ❣️

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