October 3, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/23/- 10/24 2020

  1. A lot of people won’t give Rih & Rocky a chance cause he ain’t on her level in their eyes or simply because they want her with someone else they feel looks better on paper. But rih and ASAP have history, it ain’t some new fresh thing that’s what people don’t realize. He might just be the one to knock her up cause she ain’t trying to have babies too late she’s made that clear.

  2. Tasha K should be embarrassed how Jag drugged her own her own show. Tasha was very unprofessional and seemed like a amateur interviewer. The sugar was the info dropped on the Chris Brown and Rihanna situation. What happen to him at Clive’s party is what needs to be told.

    1. I watched the debate and they both didn’t say nothing special that appealed to me. When did America stop referring to us as African American? Everything is I do this for the Blacks? From both parties lol
      I like Iggy. Not her music but something about her makes me want to support her lol
      Nas gotta stop being so damn fine.
      If I was Lala (who by the way I hate her acting please stop giving her roles until she at least until stop making me cringe) I would fuck Nas and Melo to ya trippin lol
      Did T.I sacrifice his sister?
      And I seen Jamie Foxx sister just died? Is it because he got that Mike Tyson movie grenlighted?

      – I love that you’ve still keep me renewing this damn $2 lol

    1. Me too. Hella confused. Like I know their two sons they had together. But I never knew she had another child.

  3. Lala be on Nas d sack! She hasn’t hid that with her public post on his page, u can definitely tell something was up. When G told us they was smashing I started paying attention more! G you the 🐐

  4. P booty is gonna get his
    I thought amber was happily in love with her baby daddy
    Khloe girl you have the wrong occupation you should of been a professional clown
    What’s wrong with kanye

  5. Watched the Tasha K interview. It was very invasive to ask about finances, their sex life, and where they are living-especially if she feel her life is threatened.

    Jaguar held her own with Tasha. Alot of people has unsubscribed from Tasha. Her comment section is dragging her. Whoa 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Iggy should have known better. Didn’t he cheated on her before. Smh….

    Audrey O’Day….. I wonder what kind of receipts she has on the first family. This will be interesting as it plays out.

    1. Im mad amber only convos is based on her old boyfriends. Like lets talk about the slut walk. Is her and chyna still friends.

  6. Evelyn is doing what she does best…chasing the bag 😏.

    What happened to D. Wade’s ex’ money? So sad. She let Gabby and D. Wade break her. Even though everything she was saying was true, it didn’t stop those 2 from moving on or people liking them. The best she could have done for herself was to live a great life.

  7. How do you receive a 5 million dollar settlement and squander it?
    D Wade’s ex wife could have been set for life with that money.

  8. What debate were you watching??? Lmao Trump left Biden gasping for air…but people ignorant about politics gonna vouch for a racist..sexual predator who sold out country out! Smh

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