October 3, 2022

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18 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/20

  1. We all know that rich black celebs vote for the republicans – they only care about their money!!
    Also LOL they are really pressed by that Tekashi 69 kid.

  2. Tekashi been MIA, I forgot all about him.

    Lori needs to a better man

    That whole Ryan situation is a mess Anthony not that innocent either though.

    Savannah poor her

    Donald trump😂😂

    1. Right cause that girl say he was abusing her or something. Ryan slid right on in. They both coulda got somebody else instead of hunching on each other knowing they all were friends. Wonder wat Rachel gotta say.

      1. I don’t even watch the show but his explanation was like a ok I’m “it” imma tag her. Ryan didn’t even say too much about their relationship he admitted he hurt people he love.

  3. so what happens if Savannah decides to cheat?
    they must have an agreement or something?
    celebrity life is toxic AF foreal..

  4. Mmmmm, I’ve been saying that 45 has an inappropriate relationship with Ivanka. He has said some weird stuff about her in the past, and treats her more as his wife than a daughter. I wouldnt be shocked at all if he shared her with Epstein and others

  5. Why don’t you report on Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden’s Lap top containing illegal and damaging information?? Oh that’s right you won’t report real political news

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