September 30, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes Drake and Nicki, Demi and Max Cardi B and Offset Kylie and Tory Lanez

  1. So did drake n Nicki have sexual relations in the past? Nicki told Kenny she can’t be smothered? does that mean Kenny gonna be giving her a hall pass

    1. I’m honestly over the Meg situation, come out with the full sfory or stfu. She’s really dragging out the ‘women empowerment’ thing but lets people bully Kelsey. I’m over her

  2. I fucks with Kylie she really became her own person outside the family. We need the tea on her and Kendall though.

    I would love for Tyga to be involved too it’s only right. But the three would be cool. Kenny just a regular dude he don’t mean no harm lol I see rih having a baby by someone she already knew just like Nicki.

    1. Cardi tweets proved just what whisperreport said alll she needs is his penis and she’s good. I’m starting to feel bad for him like damn all I’m worth is penis no wonder he just do what he do smfh. Even if that’s all you want and that’s all can get you back just stfu sometimes stoopid!

  3. I’m so happy drake and Nicki are back ❤️ And as for the issues she and Kenneth were having yeah a baby could change their issues for the better but it could also be for the worst.

  4. Why y’all trying to make it seem like nicki and kenny are on the outs and that’s the reason why she did that line in whole lotta choppas and she re followed drake. Kenny don’t control nicki music career and tell her to work with or not he knows the type of wife he has.

    1. I give Kenny and Nicki a year one thing drakes does best is makes the the men she dates insecure and the man walking around with a ankle monitor and has a case fed case trail in feb facing ten years

  5. I think even with Drake and Nicki making up, it still won’t be the same. Too much has gone down and we know how Drake rolls. I think they will be friendly/cordial, but it will never be as deep as it was in the beginning. Both Nicki and Drake showed who they are to each other. They both know the score. They are just gonna keep it cute and cordial.

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