August 18, 2022

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41 thoughts on “The Truth About Why The Industry Say That Teresa Graves Is Whitney Houston’s Real Mother

  1. This ONE is shocking!!?!?! Did not know or heard of anything like this and there are so many rumors about Whitney. 🤯

  2. Now this is interesting. I never saw the resemblance between Whitney and Cissy nor did I see a resemblance in Booby Kristina and Whitney so I assumed the maternal genes aren’t so strong (IDK). But this theory is def intriguing. Sadly we will probably never find out.

  3. Like mother like daughter they sacrificed each other. You damn right I would feel betrayed too. It creates more damage.

    1. She spit that baby out. I can’t unsee it now. My sweet tooth aching though G lol! Is there Anymore back story on her and Whitney’s dad relationship?

  4. Can you do Steve Harvey and Michael B Jordan? I refuse to believe that’s not his son. They look TOO MUCH alike. I never thought cissy was her mom.

    1. Wth!!! I’m bout check out this you just through me in for a loop. I’m trying to take a break from smoking. Sheesh lol

  5. I heard about this a few years ago. They even sound the same when they speak. Their stature, face and mannerisms are definitely all the same. Hollywood is one crazy place.

  6. Whitney looks just like her mother Theresa and it is eerie they both sacrificed each other and no longer here today..

  7. Brilliant read once again G, I’m going to have to research this Theresa Graves lady. Definately had no idea. Keep it coming hun x

  8. It’s crazy because I always thought it was strange the Whitney looked nothing like her mother, I just assumed she looked like her father. Until I recently saw a pic of him and I’m still confused as who she looked like between the two of them. She definitely looks like Teresa though.

    So does this mean that her father wasn’t her biological father either? This is just too much and too sad.

    1. You gotta think those times people got pregnant at a young age and gave their kids away. Like their are literally 30yr olds with children that’s 15-17 so it’s possible.

  9. Woooow!!!! This was some GOOD sugar! Now that I see this, I can’t unsee it. I wonder if that’s why/how Whitney got into drugs. I also wonder if anyone else in the industry knew/knows about this besides the key players.

  10. Whew well that explains this statement that stuck with me “Cissy was jelous of Whitney” it all makes sense.

  11. Well they do look just alike. Ain’t no denying that. Whitney looks nothing like Cissy. However Cissy’s other children do.
    But if Teresa’s was 15 and pregnant, then that would mean she was pregnant before she was married to her husband. And that would debunk the whole her having a miscarriage and Whitney being the baby she gave up at the time. Idk

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