October 3, 2022

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12 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/13/2020

  1. So y’all not gonna talk about Cardi sister on twitter page being found and Cardi possibly being 4 years older than she claims + possibly having a baby she gave away? Whats tea on that?

    1. What!!? I didn’t hear about that but I did notice Hennessy and cardi have been at a distance. I remember G did tell us being cardi handler was too much so she fell back but damn so she cheated on her girlfriend too. I hope that ain’t true.

  2. Lisa Rinna looks good for her age, is Larsa Pippen going through a mid life crisis lol she should have been doing that stuff in her 20’s.

  3. I’m still kinda confused…. bout the whole Kylie n Kendall situation cause….. it’s a lot of anger in it like….. this was brewing….

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