October 3, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Final Part The Truth Behind P Diddy and Jay-z Part 3

  1. It grinds my gears that these folks idolize these celebrities, coming to their defense when they don’t know them from a can of paint and don’t care to know them. I don’t follow no celebrities on IG, they fake and full of it.

  2. Before i read this, I’m going to say that while I appreciate your disclaimer, either don’t explain OR wait to put out your best work! You never know who is watching you conduct YOUR business! I mean this in a good way. If ever you’ve worked for someone else, they wouldn’t respect the rush to put out a halfway product, (especially in PR) so don’t do it with YOUR business. It’s a representation of YOU! We can wait …and you’re your only competition with this content. Take your break, if you need it! With love…

  3. It’s really sad how they do those artists. Like Lil Kim so Diddy had a hand in her going to jail??? Wat about when Remy Ma went to jail did fat Joe have something to do with that too??? I’m sure they can make it where they do no time. Poor Kodak & Bobby Shmurder shit sad

    1. I was thinking of Kodak black too he wants jay z help. But them niggas probably never even been to jail they way nba and Kodak been. Jay and diddy never did years so they really don’t understand they only understand crossing people for the money. That’s why nba youngboy act like that he said nobody lil boy him and that these older ones need to be guiding them instead of talking shit. And now Bobby smurder trying to come home. They gone give him a tough time.

      We need the secrets G😈

  4. It’s funny how they started their careers when I was born and a lot of things I felt as a child coming back when I found this pg back in 2015 it confirmed a lot. It’s a good feeling to know i was on the right track about these folks. Especially diddy I knew he had something to do with biggie I was 4yrs old.

    1. Cause Puff has a evil presence. I was 5 when BIG got murdered. All the pics and vids with Puff made me feel like he always plotted on him. I def understand how you feel.

  5. Damn, so they’re the reasons why hiphop/rap is trash now and letting these culture vultures reign all over. Don’t wanna help the yungins’ as long as their demise benefits them smdh.

    And soooo much good music they took from us! thats what mind boggles me

    And I’m actually surprised that Cole is still signed to RN. they give him no promo. I can tell he does all that himself and his shit STILL sells.

  6. Need a part 4 the truth about these two warlock demonic demons had to get out the Kanye abuse smfh and Michael myers Aka J and Freddy Kruger aka Diddly are the worst ever they will suffer terribly when their time come

  7. You are right this new generation just gets dumber and dumber. Bottom line is both these men are crooks who rob and steal from their artist. It is amazing that nobody has legit beat Diddy’s azz for all the highway robbery has done. I know some have tried, but talking about actually carrying out the azz whupping. He has gotten rich of others back. He is what we call the “bad buszinesman”. Yeah he looks golden on top, but when you dig deeper you all the 💩 he has done to achieve what he has.

    Jay is a crook too, he just more sneaky. Unlike Diddy this fool will just take away your career. Like no more gigs for you sucker! At least Diddy’s artist TRIED to push on after the screw job. With Jay’s azz he just black balls you where you can never work again.

    In the end two men who are losers and users. Too bad these in coming artist don’t see that.

  8. Since I have been looking into these things I do not idolize ANYONE. No celebrity at all. It’s never been my personality to be a Stan of someone and I cannot point to a person over the years and say I stan them…. but knowing what I know now… sometimes I see a person and I’m just disgusted.

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