October 4, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 10/4/2020

  1. Thomas Jefferson Byrd getting murdered like that is crazy sad. I could be wrong, but I wanna say I saw a video floating around of him speaking life into black folks and speaking facts. If that video was him that’s a wild coincidence.
    These Future baby mama wars are sad.

    1. I’m quite sad about Mr. Byrd’s murder. That’s truly sad. Such an amazing actor.

      Talib needs to just stay quiet right about now. Folks are already ticked off with him for his bullying of the young woman on twitter.

  2. Which ex for Demi the new one? Why would she revert to her old ways for him? She seemed to be the happiest and cleanest around him before he was exposed. Now everything hes been doing screams desperation and clout. She dogged a bullet

  3. Vanessa Bryant should be a little smarter but who knows what she really thinks and feels. She probably wanted to be in lingerie on the internet and finally got a chance. She should stay on her toes.

  4. I feel bad for the actor you live to see 70 and go out like that is very sad.. he was very talented., what do ya mean Sandra Bullock loves broccoli.. Future out of line but got these ladies out here looking so dumb..

  5. Talib lol it seems like men are ok getting a piece of a women when she’s married or in a long term relationship, but when the women ok with it the man will switch it around. I’m glad Jaguar telling shit. It probably bothered her for years and so what if she’s bitter at the moment she’s hurman too.

  6. Future must have a magical penis and mouth game for these women to allow these shenanigans with him. Drake gives me creep vibes.

  7. How did Jill Scott shade her? And Talib Kweli better watch it, before Res revisits his sexual harassment allegations…

    1. Jill did a whole post with subliminals towards Jaguar and @ everyone Jaguar mentioned in that interview ( Diddy, Mary, and some other folks).

  8. So Loni ran her mouth and was loud and wrong. I wonder where she got her information. Joie is really pretty.. but that dress wasn’t cute- no matter who brought it. Are she & Brittni still battling to be Favorite Baby Mama or something? Or do they all vie for that role and the others aren’t posted bc they aren’t IG famous. I honestly thought the IG boutiques were responsible (and petty) for sending them the same dress bc it’s not the first time IG models have rocked the same outfits.

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