September 30, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Blind Sugar 10/5/2020

    1. 1. Cardigan (Sett and Mars?)

      2. Tiger IDK didnt even look LOL (China , Kylee, and Amber?)

      3. Dozacyat (hate Naz / wanna date Naz?)

  1. Cardi, Offset and Bruno (any truth to the Bruno rumors? Sex change and extremely violent toward women) I hope not for Cardi’s sake

    Tyga and that pretty peen

    Doja? But I’m thinking of someone else…and I’m having a brain freeze. Something happened very recently..and someone apologized, and everybody was mad and saying they shouldn’t have apologized. Ugh..who the hell was it?

  2. 1) Cardi/Offset/Bruno Mars (don’t fall for it Cardi, give Bruno his chance! They would be dope)

    2) TYGA (one of those exes was definitely Kylie)

    3) Doja Cat (she still cancelled in my eyes until she wake the fuck up & grow out of that BS she on.)

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