October 3, 2022

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19 thoughts on “The Truth About The Superstar Children Getting Sold By Their Parents

  1. This is sad very sad. People will do anything for money. For years I always believe that most of these reality stars only have children and get married for money.

      1. I was in elementary at the time and cried my eyes out I was so sad. Here I am a grown women and things turned out to be true smh.

    1. Very sad! I always Look at the kids in Hollywood and just smh cause i know they have went through something bad! 😒

  2. It really hurts when you cry out for help and no one helps you. I can only imagine what Raven Symone, Amanda Bynes, and all the other Disney/Nickelodeon kids have been through.

  3. Hey Gina or anyone reading this comment. If you ever have some free time please go to YouTube and check out a walk with ancestors page. She is a psychic and she does celebrity readings. She touches on this

  4. Heaven Hollywood used to mention in his lives that his grandfather used to be Shirley Temple’s driver and how she expressed to him being afraid to got to go places.

    Also since you’ve talked about Gary Coleman, I hope you talk about his former co-star Dana Plato. She went through a lot before she died.

  5. So disturbing. Some humans don’t deserve to be parents. In third World countries we judge poor families for selling their kids due to extreme poverty. I don’t see much difference really

    1. She did. Hence her heavy drug use in her early teens. If you search this site you can find some info on her. G has touched on Drew.

  6. Things were happening to Usher as well. Although not as young, he was 14 when he was with Diddy. It was very inappropriate to be with older women but it was surely happening, he’s said it in multiple interviews.

  7. Let’s add a few other names to this list: Lindsey Lohan, Tevin Campbell, Aaliyah….the list goes on and on

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