October 4, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 10/1/2020

  1. Harry Styles is the new Mick Jagger. I’m convinced One Direction was supposed to be the New Rolling Stones.

  2. Could y’all please touch on Chrissy Teigen’s post about losing the baby? Those pics do NOT sit right with my spirit

    1. I feel the same way! I try To feel like it’s Gods work but in that industry it’s hard to believe that’s wat happened!

    2. @JuJuBee323 same! Why would she immediately post a picture so intimate and disturbing. She’s an attention seeking narcissist and this reads sacrifice!

    3. And say what? She had a miscarriage and decided to share intimate photos? It was weird and shouldn’t be reposted.

  3. Nickayla is out of line Naya hasn’t even been gone that long.. makes me wonder were they messing around before her death

    I think Tiny is a sweetheart but she looks like a hot mess and has been for a long time

  4. Let’s talk about the baby… the whole thing just seems weird since WE know so much about the industry and sacrifices etc

  5. Can we talk about how Zendaya got her award? People want to seem to overlook her like she is some Hollywood angel and model for black girls…even though she’s biracial for one but I feel like she slept with H. Weinstein to 1) get that singing gig at the Oscars preparty and her push @ The Mouse Club house and now she’s this fashion icon and an Emmy winning actress despite not really having the acting chops. Something ain’t clean but like I said a lot of folk will dismiss it because “It’s Zendaya”.

    And Chrissy Teigen, can we say disturbing?

    1. She did a really great job at reinventing her image. She’s trying to have that Beyonce/ Rihanna level . I def side eyed her award as well, however that show was really good. Weinstein put her in the position she wanted to be.

  6. I think Naya knew about her sister and ex husband messing around because of her ig post she put up, sounding depressed and lonely, talking about “just the two of us” of her and her son, makes one wonder if she really drowned or committed suicide………

  7. I feel like Amanda does not want to be down with the elites. Y’all praise these celebs that keep getting involved with the devil. The ones that are “problematic “ are the ones fighting the reprogramming

  8. There were some cast members not there. Yvonne who plays molly wasn’t in attendance & also Natasha who plays Kelli wasn’t in attendance.

  9. I know you don’t have to be friends outside of the show with ppl you work with but damn it seems like she always rubs ppl the wrong way. What the hell she be doing to them ppl that they nvr wnna be around her ? Her comments been limited for some time not tho I can attest she didn’t just do that I followed her for a minute.

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