October 4, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Hot Takes 9/29/2020

  1. Don’t surprise me about Akon & his brother if it’s true! Dam Nene, French nor Drake not all that to me! I don’t understand the hype about them but to each their own. Trina just….idk

  2. So sad… NBA young boy don’t need kids and especially Yaya young and stupid. No one is perfect but theirs no accountability from the parents at all. Smh feel sorry for this kids

  3. Everyone making an only fans page, not surprised with Trina, she anit the only one. I guess ppl don’t want to get a job or have the ability to create a business. Not judging get it how you live. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  4. As for the debate last night. To me it only proved what I’ve been feeling over the last couple of years… it really don’t matter who in that seat, America, we fucked either way. As for us black ppl we all we got no one is fucking with us.

  5. We need to hear more about Alicia’s side chick. This should be good! 🙃

    Akon and his brother actions wasn’t surprising to me to learn.

  6. Nene and French…eww 🤢.

    Akon gives the scammer vibes. I believe it.

    Alicia gotta side chic? Please do tell when you confirm 🤣.

    I figured Mary wouldn’t go against Jaguar. I guess she figured she herself has told people she was a mess, all Jaguar doing is telling the mess in details lol.

  7. I choked on my damn wine and had it flying out my nose when I saw Nene and French Montana….Like how did this even happened? eww

    Who is surprised that Alicia has a side chick?? Not me

  8. It’s the Nene/French Montana story for me. I’m not surprised she cheated just who she cheated with but hey t each her own!

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