October 4, 2022

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14 thoughts on “Hot Takes 9/27/20

  1. Maybe she shot herself tryna get down on Tory she was drunk it ricocheted and how would it look if Americas Hot Girl can’t aim or maybe kylie sent someone or maybe even Jay Z as a warning cause he knew he would run to him now he can get her to listen since she damn near died

    1. I truly believe they were trying to get the gun from Meg because she was drunk and it went off hence the ricocheted bullet. Even the proof of the medical report says gun shot injury and not gun shot wound. Also never heard of someone going to urgent care instead of emergency after being shot considering most bullets travel.

  2. I knew Matt and Anansa were separated again cuz she’s back praising the Lord and acting saintly and posting about being single.

  3. I really think Meg and Kelsey were drunk fighting over that gun and it went off. So technically Kelsey wouldn’t have shot her. It would be a joint project 🤷.

    Bruno going for the goal right now lol.

    Adele is feeling herself a little too much lol.

  4. Oh no I like Matt and anansa, why he keep playing on her. He would always say he wouldn’t pay no chicks for sex and ain’t into the plastic chicks but I guess he is, if he’s hitting up Jordan

  5. Megan AINT on that shit! #Harry #BlackLivesAlwaysMatter Period!
    & Matt bettttt not‼️Him and Anansa make a cute couple. Let THEM be great together ❤️

  6. Moneybagg said he riding w his shoes off in the back seat 🗣ain’t nobody shot @ him 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭😭😭

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