October 3, 2022

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21 thoughts on “Hot Takes 9/22/2020

  1. 2 weeks after a wedding and already Niecy’s hospital 😩 her kids should tag team if this is true, I wouldn’t play about my moms.
    Also I thought Kym Whitley was her friend too, she hasn’t said a nan thing about that there wedding 🤔

  2. Tasha K is trash for that. She is not credible at all. If anyone still follow her you apparently like listening to lies.

  3. Better people out there that should have gotten the time’s most influential. Forbes,Time s, etc are all losing credibility. You think with all of the fake news and distrust in the media these companies can get it together. 🤦🏾‍♀️.

    Something about Neicy Nash wife doesn’t sit well with me, but who am I to judge. All the happiness to her. Let’s hope it was a freak accident.

    Tasha K really will go down in flames if she doesn’t get it together. I know you hate Cardi B, but be within reason for your dislike or
    don’t talk about her at all or you are going to jade your reporting.

    Is Da Brat Bisexual or Lesbian?

  4. Yall are full of shit if you dont think Meg hasnt been influential in pop culture to the younger generation for the past year. Hot girl summer was the start…

  5. Really Tasha K??? What little credibility she has it literally going in the trash.

    Yes, Meg is getting those benefits, but we know the price she is/will pay. You see they are telling her she better chill or if she doesn’t they will MAKE her chill.

    Poor Britney. All the men in her life are trash if you ask me.

    Lawd, what did Niecey get herself into. If she wanted to be gay at least find a partner that won’t beat her tail 🤦.

  6. Meg doesn’t deserve to be on Time’s tbh. She doesn’t do anything that’s influential besides influencing girls to “ride dick like stolen cars”. I hate how she got hurt but her getting shot ain’t Time over magazine worthy either.

  7. Why does Meg need to chill? Did I miss something other than her going back and forth with Tory’s team about the shooting incident?

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