October 3, 2022

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31 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Monica and C- Murder Situation

  1. Now! I do remember her dating young buck. So whose the guy who dared her to suck his penis?. Monica was something else for her age. I was listening to “ I love you so much” and the part where she said “you don’t ever say I’m too young” stuck out like how old was she like 12! I wonder how old the men was she was dealing with at 12,13,14.

  2. This post is so good! Can’t wait for part 2. I remember reading somewhere years ago about how her bf allegedly killed himself in front of her and the story said they were at a cemetery and the bf was sitting in the car while Monica and somebody else were outside the car because dude locked himself in and the windows had to be broken to get him out. Sounds extreme I know but I definitely remember reading that. Has anyone else has ever heard that???

    1. Yes I remember. What year was that? I was young but the whole boyfriend getting killed at the cemetery never sat right. I thought that’s what cmurder was locked up for. Until I grew up and was able to look it up for myself. What’s crazy is so many memories are coming back while the truth coming out. The way they told the story on her documentary on YouTube was different from what was written a while ago. I was a lil older when I read about the boyfriend, but didn’t another boyfriend of hers die.

    2. Yes I heard the same thing, if I’m not mistaken she also did an interview on 20/20 with Diane sawyer and said the same thing about the cemetery. Diane sawyer was like I don’t understand why you would date these street dudes your to beautiful. Who knew she was just as hood as these dudes lol

  3. I’m still not able to see anything!! Can i just not have the Wayne’s Tea? ‘Cause honestly it wasn’t worth buying if I’m not able to see anything else. I emailed already. Nothing is changed.

  4. I remember Monica dating C-Murder, I thought she was underage at the time. I think the story was Knot’s brother was killed and Knot was depressed about his brother’s death and allegedly committed suicide. I think Monica and CiCi’s failing out, had something to do with Monica may have known about Future’s cheating, but he was with BM Brittni when Cici and Future go together.

    1. But even the girl Chloe Miller said future knows about her and cmurder. Future was Rocky artist so he knows but Monica is tied into that she’s messy too.

  5. I think Monica is extremely talented and I am a fan… I think if she had focused more on her career and less on running the streets and chasing thug d**k she more than likely would have been a bigger in her career. She is quite successful already but her choices in her personal life have been questionable.

    1. Kim was cool with all three of the trinity teen dreams from the 90’s Brandy Aaliyah and Monica….i think she was closer to Aaliyah though

  6. Monica knows she’s a hoe 🤣🤣🤣. “Sideline hoe” should have been her personal testament song 🤣🤣🤣.

  7. Definitely did your homework G. I’m from Nashville and didn’t know of anyone outside of Tennessee or ATL that knew about her and Buck and the ‘coco’…

  8. Wow, I remember modeling in a fashion show back then where Rocko was a special guest and while we were doing the show, Rocko’s crew went through and robbed everybody, even the laptop that the show was to be edited on. I lost some valuable jewelry that day, my stupid ass stopped bringing real jewelry after that. But I could not believe that nigha was ratchet like that. First reality check on how”celebrities” get down, even D listers like Rockso

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