October 4, 2022

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13 thoughts on “Sugar Never Expires

    1. Why did phadra act like her and Madina wasn’t sleeping together? I don’t get it, was it a way to down play his abuse or jus bc she wanted that check. Either way people like her and Tahiry irk me. If you are getting abused stop staying in these relationships for money, then wanna come out years later talkin about me too. It really hurts the credibility of real abuse survivors.

  1. Jamie doesn’t like black women and then was turned out by Debbie, who I thought didn’t do men…maybe it was her hubby? He treats black women, even mixies like dirt. JLo don’t want nobody so…rhythmless A-Rod only stood a 60% chance from the beginning.

    1. I think JLo and ARod are madly in love but “in love” men still cheat. Especially wealthy and famous that have access to all these hoes. JLo is no saint and I wouldn’t doubt she’s got an inner dyke. She has a lot of masculinity in her believe it or not. It is in that PR blood…

      1. In love men do not cheat, If they do they weren’t “in love ..lol.. JLO and A-rod are madly in love with the thought of being in love or in relationships. I’m not surprised that he is doing this behind her back at all. I actually did not think they were going to last this long honestly.

  2. Whew speechless! That Jlo has bad luck with men, why does she stay? Jamie used to be my black dream man, well not no more

  3. Shocked about Medina. Homeboy came with some pretty legit looking reciepts to say otherwise.

    JLO was either never going to make it down the aisle with A rod or make it down and then divorce. The “relationship” was full of love bombs and it always look like the 2 of them were straight about image.

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