October 4, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Industry Advice Understanding Selling Your Soul (vs) Selling It To The Devil

    1. There should be no hoops this has always been here this is nothing knew. Industry advice has always been here and if you have all access you should be able to see it

      1. Will you check mine as well please? I have All Access and can see industry advice but not Lil Wayne’s posts, for example. I also sent an email. Thank you!

    1. You most definitely can there are plenty of them who has not sold out but you must be willing to only go to a certain level

  1. My titles ain’t sweating… Yet lol. But I’m only seeing pics. I was able to open a previous industry advice and it work. I will just circle back.

  2. Everyone to see it, check your subscriptios by clicking Account, subscriptions. From there you will see if it subscribed & follow the prompts. If it does not say subscribe then you don’t have access. I was wondering why I could only see pics. Then when I pressed subscribed & follow the prompts now I can see it. Let’s not get hostile and attack G. The info she shares is very important at least to mwpe because now that I read this I’m always jumping to this blog for the real info. For the price we pay is very worth it because it could cost more to access this info.

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