September 30, 2022

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10 thoughts on “P.S.A If you are having Trouble after Accessing The Wayne Tea

  1. I’m not on social media at this time, so it’s not about lack of paying attention. Please fix my account so that I can view what I paid for. I have emailed the request as well. Thanks.

  2. I’m not on social media, I paid for the full year access but I Can’t view it. Does one need to pay seperately for the Wayne tea?

  3. I experienced this problem but it was fixed very soon after I sent the email. Thank you. Very good service recovery G!

  4. I don’t have IG anymore so how will I be able to see it on IG? It’s not about “paying attention” you have to connect with your followers on various platforms and not assume Everyone is waiting around for updates on IG

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