September 30, 2022

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17 thoughts on “Hot Takes 9/18/2020

  1. Offset downplaying the divorce because he did the same things as a married man as he did when he was single! LOL!!

    Kim never forgave Kanye for saying she slept with Meek but how about him putting the business out there about them planning to abort North she doesn’t think that’s worse? SMH!!

      1. Right and that’s a normal conversation between couples so wtf is the uproar?! Idc I think Kim thought she could change his behavior and it back fired. He probably can’t tolerate certain stuff anymore, but he always been like this. And Kim always runs away when things doesn’t go her way. Kim runs to kris all the time.

  2. Was offset caught wearing one of cardi’s blouses?
    Kim and Kanye I’m not surprised what you reap is what you sow you did Kris humphries soo bad. I pray that Kanye lives 🙏🏽🙏🏽 Who is tracy Chapman?
    RHOA who’s fake and who’s real on there ?

  3. Now that I know about what’s going on behind the scenes with North I see why Ye keep screaming about her!!! He’s trying to save her for real! Looking forward to seeing how all this plays out! Not surprised about NeNe! Honestly I feel like her time is up! I will say of all the HWs franchise OGs she probably made the most splash in terms of rising in Entertainment! Problem is she didn’t really get things that held weight! Bad attitude and poor negotiations…. Heard her boutiques closed down! Prayfully she will land on her feet!

  4. I hope Atlantic cutting Tracy a check for all this foolishness. Im sure she knew this was a no win. I respect her as a OG, but she us just a pawn athis point. They really still tryin to punish Nicki over Miley? What else is pissing them off? Is it because Nicki not doing anymore rituals, she broke MK a long time ago and hasn’t looked back, or she didn’t fufill her contract to Lucy? Damn she can’t have any privacy white having her baby, without some shit?

  5. I thought Bey performed at the CMA’s with Dixie Chicks…so how is whoever the other person the first black woman? Or is it specifically because Bey’s performance wasn’t a solo, and that is why she wouldn’t have been the first? And I don’t even like Bey like that for real…just was wondering how she wouldn’t have been considered the first black woman.

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