October 3, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Donald Trump Is A Racist I do Not know Why People Just Don’t Get It ” Says Former Attorney

  1. This site should just focus on celebrity gossip, and leave the political discussions alone. Well informed on the industry, but when it comes to politics ya’ll honestly are clueless.

    1. Imagine telling someone to be ignorant 🤦🏾‍♀️. By the way trump being racist has nothing to do with politics

      1. He’s done more in terms of passing laws for the Latino/African community but people won’t discuss numbers nor will they discuss how he’s the first president to pass laws on child trafficking victims to get help

  2. I’m glad that ya’ll showed this video because I wouldn’t have never seen it. By the way Trump is an idiot. Literally!!

  3. Yes he’s an asshole! Although, almost EVERY Caucasian president was Racist! Name one that had our best interest at heart? I’m 👂

  4. I feel you guys should post whatever you want because it’s your site. More importantly, providing insight into all things entertainment is fair game especially politics is entertainment!!!

  5. Seriously this is by far the worst article 😂 politics and celeb gossip are two different worlds. Can the author have some sense to discuss Joe the pedophile or Kamila Harris who has locked up blacks and Mexicans her entire career. If we want to discuss racists, Joe Biden has been in the White House for over 40 years what has he done? There are videos of him touching little girls and speaking on how segregation is very necessary. Do your research the Democrats are racist! Anyone supporting them are not doing their research. Let’s talk about saving the children for once!

  6. If you guys research the old tea, you’ll see that G and the rest of her team, HAVE spoken on former presidents, including Obama. They don’t just single out Trump.

  7. Politics are also being controlled by same folks who runs Hollywood. They all run in the same circle. Anyways, I have no grudge on Trump being racist. It is obvious and he doesn’t hide it. Unlike some folks who hides it

  8. He’s an asshole for sure but at least we know what to expect already. The alternative is a creep who denies being racist but who was against desegregation of schools and a woman who made a career out of harsh sentencing and throwing people of color in jail🤷

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