October 4, 2022

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7 thoughts on “WORD HAS IT 9/14/2020

  1. So, was it making nice to Giselle that got the black ball listed? Or pretending that the beef had nothing to do with Giselle and only with record labels, and now Giselle and Camel are lifting her punishment and allowing her to make some money again? I swear, I like the 2 of them less each day. GOD truly dont like ugly. Karma is a meannnnnn bitch

  2. IDK but KH alledgedly expressed interest in writing for a possible collab album with the two ex DC members , LL and LT were aiming for a down south Dirty $$ type of project and KH said she wanted in ? SoloK salty azz didnt like that idea AT ALL and all of a sudden all of KH songs that she was shopping to labels for placement got bought out by C0l0mbi@ ? KH took issue because Polo ask her who the heck is gonna record these KH songs they dont fit Giselle or anybody on C0l0mbi@ roster at the time , dont fall victim the same way @merie did LOL so KH took a shot in her remix and once her flame got sniffed out with that tacky Ricky Rozay video KH was ice cold and she realized Giselle played a chess move and unofficially got KH to shelve herself by proxy . Giselle never took issue because she was transitioning herself toward the R0C and felt whatever C0l0mbi@ did to try make her stay was all their problem not hers IDK .

    And on top of all this KH allegedly started coming down with skin ailments that allegedly strained her relationship with Sergio because west african women do bleach too but they shun ppl with rashes and hygiene issues so KH was low self esteem because of all this so she over bleach and was smelly ALL THE TIME (too much bleach kills sweat glands) and Sergio was shamed into breaking up with KH because it was a bad look for him and KD and Russ used to roast him about how KH was sposed to be a hot pop star but she smell like dumpster bro what you doin even Trey dont wanna hit KH up LMAO . It not really funny to me because why else would a pretty healthy girl just come down with severe psoriasis and eczema as a grown woman after beefing with a known w_tches SMDH !

    Cici problem was alledgedly that KH was always trying to date behind Cici (Bow , 50 , Future , Amare , etc) and Cici was fed up and she turned her shade up when KH allegedly said Cici was biting Janet So Excited and was a traitor for working with JT

  3. Keri Hilson brought that on herself, she started feeling herself and told Bey to sit down and have some kids, more than likely knowing she had miscarriages in the past.

    1. Still to this day I believe Keri gotta know how old Giselle really is to say that. I thought they were all the same age.

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