September 30, 2022

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22 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Reveal From 9-4

  1. I thought the first one was Bey and Lebron. I thought her and Vanessa were cool, I wonder if she know? I’ve heard about Barbara being hard to work with and makes racist comments behind the scenes.

  2. It’s telling me I’m unauthorized to view this page ! I’ve always been able to see all posts now since buying the wayne tea yesterday it’s saying this … @ncaseudidntknow

  3. And to think she was at The memorial acting like she Vanessa shoulder to cry on. And what’s worst is she ain’t scared about Vanessa finding out and feeling betrayed & hurt… she scared about the public finding out she stepped out on Jay like he did her. Girl trust me the public is damn near encouraging it! Stop letting that man walk all over you & get yours smh

    I was all the way off with Sherri and Barbra but then again I don’t watch the view lol

  4. I never bought the whole story about Monica talking to her boyfriend (Jarvis Weems) at the gravesite of his brother that passed, due to a car accident. He called and asked her to meet him there. She claimed he was talking to her with the window rolled down but then threatened to kill himself so he rolled up the window and shot himself with his right hand even though he was left handed. Then she runs to her car to grab her gun so that she could shoot the window out to get inside the car, etc, etc, etc. Baby math was never my favorite subject but I can put 2 and 2 together to get 4. Something ain’t adding up. #Allegedly

  5. IDK but when Lenn0 and C0nan were beefing over the tonite show , Lenn0 brought Foxx and ask him what it was like working with Giselle on the movie . Foxx said he dont know what Camel problem could be , Giselle is amazing THEY USED TO TALK IN HIS TRAILER FOR HOURS LOL , Foxx told Lenn0 no he couldve had Giselle if he REALLY wanted to so Camel need to get it together LOL WTF LMAO ! Did Giselle really do Foxx she might have admitted it on her untitled album IDK alledgedly .

    Hence the real reason for DOA was not TPayne or Weezy it was because the #1 club/radio song in NYC was Foxx Blame It (feat TPayne) and #2 was arguably JJones Champagne (prod by the same guy who prod ether , which almost ended Camels career) so Camel wanted to kill 3 birds one stone with DOA and he ALLEDGEDLY got more revenge because Foxx got jumped after a Floyd fight in Veg@$ by some R0C goons SMDH ALLEDGEDLY !

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