September 30, 2022

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33 thoughts on “Darkside of the Industry Rihanna’s Mysterious E Scooter fall

  1. Damn no matter how loyal you are to the game they always try to screw you in the end. Calling her lazy as if she wasnt releasing albums every year setting trends and carrying the game on her back while his wife struggled to keep up. Cant wait for karma to hit that man

    1. Y’all like to spin that lie about Rihanna and look at her music career now. Non existent. Those trends lasted five seconds and left no impact. Someone with talent leads, soul gone and all. That’s how the Industry works. Rihanna signed up for this. She’s not innocent in Hollywierd, and shows no means to leave anytime soon. Built her Fenty empire through blood sacrifices and rituals. Contracts she signed herself. Until I actually see her retiring like Nicki out the game, she’s not going nowhere. And will continue in those rituals.

  2. I had a feeling! Those bruises do not look like they came from a fall! There are no scrapes just bruising which I thought was unusual. Thnx Hollywood

  3. How is Riri a lazy superstar but has a successful makeup, skincare, fashion & lingerie brands she’s managing as well as more things in the works?

    The music side is a clear conflict of interest so I would be petty too until that conflict of interest is gone or I’m gone

    I found it disturbing those Oprah podcasts from 2012 about the DV conveniently come out around these photos to draw the wrong conclusion

    Also, is Giselle really going to put her name on any Rihanna brand when she stays trying to copy the girl? Also Riri is 50% owner in all of her businesses & I still believe the Carters have some financial issues bc certain bribes aren’t working anymore

    It’s interesting bc the easy thing to do since Riri has plenty of tea on the Carters would
    be to let Riri out of her contract w/an NDA instead of years flying by of no music being released in 4.5 years which does nothing for Roc Nation or Jay.

    He now only cares bc his wife’s stuff is flopping & she’s in denial about her deactivation process while Riri is the reason Rocnation still exists, & while he’s piggybacking off of the ppl Riri are working w/it’s not translating to any music happening

    Jay needs to swallow his pride, apologize about Anti & come to a compromise before it’s too late

    BC, if more stories come out like the one that NBA player said Jay was selling crack to pregnant women & he still hasn’t been #metoo yet, Rih will continue to have the upper hand bc music or not, she’s still making a ton of money in her other ventures & they can’t do anything about it

    1. You brought up such a good point. I was wondering why was her 2012 interview was being discussed 8 years later. This is all a plan. This is distracting the public from what is really going on

  4. This has Jay Z written all over it. He’s growing impatient with Rihanna not listening to him and let’s be honest I’m sure he misses the cooch too and is upset about that no longer being in his lap. I’m sure he wishes he could go back to the day where Rihanna Would bow down to him with no reluctance, he’s a total control freak. I’m sure the elites sent this message on behalf of jay or maybe his wife or hell both. Even if jay decided against getting Rihanna physically harmed, you know Beyonce will jump at the chance to give the green light.

    I bet Rihanna gonna try even harder to get Hassan back now cause he the only one who can buy her out of this madness with money that the game has no hand in. That’s literally the only way she could get out without having to give all her riches back. Anybody else that could help, is using money that the game touches so it wouldn’t work. Soon as these borders open she need to fly over to London aid apologize to hassan for her pettiness back in October by going to B’Day parties and talk things out, I know they can do it.

    1. @Imlilperry that makes total sense of why she would want Hassan back. Sh*t is getting REAL. Rihanna needs her exit plan STAT.

  5. Mannnn listen. This is getting worse for Rihanna I truly feel for her. Ain’t no good is gonna come to the Carter’s if they keep it up with their scare tactics. They just need to give up all forms of management and music business and just focus on themselves. “G” as an insider you need to advice Ri what to do because clearly Ri doesn’t have anyone helping her.

  6. Sad… but that’s the industry for you. I’ll just give it up but some ppl are not that strong. Sick shit, I wanna say GOD bless her but she sold herself to the devil so 🤷🏽‍♀️.

      1. She also was young and didn’t know any better, I’m sure she grew like a lot of them, but it’s like they love the statuses and riches so they gone have to deal with it.

  7. Welp, everybody was thinking it was some sort of Ritual. And the reasons behind it make perfect sense. The Elites, The Camel, and his wife are all tired of waiting on Rihanna to drop music/album. Tired of her going against them with this Documentary. And tired of ALL of her resistance period. I think we all knew it was a matter of time before that got her. If this is a warning, Rihanna better come up with a game plan to get out and get these people off her back. Especially if she no longer wants to be down.

    1. But she has perfect time to write fuck trump lol soon as they start dissing him bs happens. He’s dangerous lol but I agree she gotta stop playing around and get serious. In those pictures her face expressions showed that she was in trouble and she look as if she wanted to cry. She better suck it up with Giselle and Jay-Z. She should have waited to drop her documentary until she was done done with them. She’s acting like she can’t be touched.

      1. @Brim lol she really needs to be worrying about her own stuff right now. Even Trump wasn’t dangerous, it is clear the Elites and the devil wants their due. The ONLY thing that should be on Rhianna’s mind is getting out.

      2. Exactly all those other tactics is irrelevant. I only say trump dangerous cuz I know for a fact them rich folk vote republican and when she did that here comes Oprah bringing up old shit😂.

  8. The irony the Carters are waiting for Rih to drop new music when they were behind the sabotage in the 1st place.

  9. I thought if you sacrificed someone they didn’t bother you. I don’t feel sorry for her because this is the life she chose. The Carters ain’t exempt, The Smith’s ain’t exempt, nobody else is exempt why does she get a pass? Do what they ask you to do since you want to play in Satan’s playground.

    1. Because obviously she don’t have a choice but to do wat they say and like u said she sold out so seem like ain’t no way out

    2. Thank you! I will never understand why people pretend that Rihanna is some angel who doesn’t deserve anything less than wonderful 🥴🙄 ignoring all the rituals and bad deeds she’s done? I don’t even think she wants out. She isn’t moving like someone who does. She just signed with Sony 🥴🙄. Rihanna had a choice just like everyone else that gets dragged. She knows what that world is like and has been thriving in it for 15 years. Bad things happen to everyone else 🤷🏾.

  10. Heaven I think they doing this because Giselle is about to come out with a skincare and makeup line I want be surprised if some how Rhi shit gets squashed

  11. So the dude Floyd was about to fight got killed yesterday smog. G or heav please get the scoop. I don’t trust Floyd. Never liked him.

  12. Damn as soon as I saw the pictures I was like damn, Jay did this. And that’s why the Interview with FOPRAH was being brought up again. To humiliate her and basically sending her a message. Jay z and and his wife are disgusting. As someone else mentioned, why no one has brought him up on charges? Rih really needs to get back with Hassan. And hopefully he can help her get out of the contract. I have a feeling The camel will not release her though. I also don’t think Rih’s family want her with Hassan. Why? Because just about all of them depend on her. They want to keep the party lifestyle. When she’s with Hassan you don’t see all of that. Hell you don’t see them at all. Only Mel and Jenn.

  13. I promise to donate when I start working again.
    This is the most scary thing I’ve ever heard. I remember a YouTube live where you mentioned that Jay invested in her fenty line, wish she would have spent her own money instead of his dirty satanic money. Hopefully they won’t harm her. Jay & his stupid wife make me sick. I also think, that those two hate the fact that she is worth a billion if not more.

  14. I also find strange than Jay invested in her brand but if he still her handler in some kind of way maybe she got no choice , they (tptb) told her to deal with it . if she dont play the game of tptb we all know she will finish dead and im sure she know it . that the life she signed for


    Imagine a room with mirrors on all walls , the floor is checkerboard obviously but the black tiles are hot and slippery and the white tiles are sharp and cold , now they lock person to this room and the mirror panels can rotate so hooded figures pop in out and mollywhop person with solid ice bricks and clubs etc . Now its room spinning mirrors person dont know who is gonna hit them where but and the floor is red hot or razor sharp depending on where you fall SMDH , so eventually person is gonna curl up and beg them to stop the attack then silent hooded figures emerge and give a picture or reminder of why they had to be punish them and since all the weapons are made of ice the evidence will melt but the bruises remain …


  16. I’m trying to figure out why Rihanna is not being held accountable? Did she not sell her soul? Sacrifice her grandma and cousin? I’m sure she willingly signed them contracts to become as successful as she is now. I don’t feel bad for her at all!

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