October 4, 2022

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5 thoughts on “Blind Sugar Reveal From 8/12/2020

  1. Couldn’t have guessed Jussie. His family has his back. And he’s getting back to work. He should go to rehab though…to make it look extra good.

    Cardi better be good with money, Bronx girls know what time it is. The higher you go up, the harder the fall. I’m originally from Highbridge, I can make a dollar stretch lol. Besides she can always go to Wendy (the acting coach) and beg her help acting. People like her so she’ll never really fall off.

    Nothing to say about the #oddcouple

  2. Right I think Cardi should go into acting.. Jussie messed his own career up and for what?
    I was thrown off when I heard Tiffany and common were together and I don’t see common being with her or having kids with her

  3. Jessie, you made your bed so..
    Sick of that Bacardi chick. Everytime she calls someone a monkey, I loose respect for her. It seems she has an IQ of 80. Has anyone noticed that she has messed up her face? The pics without makeup

  4. LMAO IDK but what do yall think about Cardigan starring in a so called reboot of The Nanny I think the original show is a classic but they will remake anything nowadays SMDH ALLEDGEDLY

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