October 3, 2022

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22 thoughts on “The Truth About Motown The Beef and The Tea Part 2

    1. Right like he did not play no games…did they kill him too??? If we already discussed this i apologize cause we discuss so much on here i forget sometimes…i ask because of him owning his masters and they seem to not like when you have ownership of your masters.

      1. Just curious if that’s why Teena Marie died. She died mysteriously on Christmas Day right? And years before that she fought to own her masters. Was she a sacrifice?

  1. Specifically, the James Brown and Marvin Gaye stories are jaw dropping for sure!!! It’s really tough when see entertainer’s performances and you place them in a category of perfection only to find out that not only are they damaged souls but they’re flawed beyond our imaginations!

    1. You can look at Chappelle Show and see, he alway did stuff about Rick James and Prince. He’s another smart one. You can build a university course out of his shit and break it down. It’s a lot of gems in there.

  2. The Gaye brothers lol. His father probably was gay. His own wife said that she didn’t know. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  3. I’m ready for more this is good. James Brown, is from my hometown. I grew up hearing about him.
    Marvin Gaye, makes me wonder if his song Sexual Healing, was his way of expressing his sexual frustrations, because he couldn’t really be free, to live in his truth.
    Very good, post. Thanks Gina

  4. This old tea giving this young tea amateur vibes. If they had social media it would’ve been sooooooooo messy. I hate anusove men, omg I really do. Not just physical but mental and/or emotional as well. Like why be that kind of person willfully? Idc how talented someone is, their character takes away from that for me. When people say they separate the art from the artist I just can’t agree. If u met a man who was everything u wanted (successful, smart, handsome) but he like to whoop yo ass, would u separate his violent side from his successful side and stay? 🙄

  5. Never have a ever left a comment my almost two years being a member up here but baby this tea ☕️ burnt my mouth so heavy! Can we get more ol school tea pleassseeeee!

  6. Hahahaha Mannnnnnnnnnnn!!! This is some good as tea !!!!!! This sugar STILL good ! Wow wow wow. I’m so happy Rick James was never about playing with his money !!! That’s why he got all his shit !!! TIL THIS DAY !

  7. This was good. I never knew Rick was wealthy. His book did go into detail about him asking too many questions about his business stuff and Gordy would get pissed.

  8. This give a whole new perspective on “I’m rich bitch!” I love it!

    Mary Wells and her baby dying in the house 😡 especially knowing it could have been saved… that is heartbreaking😢

    The Get On Up movie humanized James Brown but I hate that he was a woman beater. Are there any real discrepancies in the movie that you can think of in the movie compared to his real life?

    Can we get tea on Marvin Gaye and his family? Specifically all of the men in his family- if the walls could talk. Did Marvin have siblings/first cousins?

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