August 15, 2022

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28 thoughts on “The Truth Behind All The Beef and Sugar Within Motown Records Part 1

  1. Sorry to say but I never understood the Diana Ross hype. Neither her looks or voice were anything spectacular to me.

    1. Thought I was the only one. Mary and Flo were better looking. Plus Flo was the better singer. Diana was skinny and sickly looking.

      1. -Diana is overhyped but it goes to show that sometimes you gotta fuck the right people.
        -I love when we get stories from back in the day.

    2. Me either. Her boxy ass head. No neck. She looked better as she aged, but I’m sure it was her sex appeal and her way with men

  2. Love that we getting back to the old school tea ❤️ And Diana Ross is a skank Chile and now that I take a long look at her face, I’m not getting the hype… I always thought she had this look to her where her eyes be wandering all over the place and it looks weird but I thought it was just my imagination. Nah she really do that lol

  3. Shooked to the core! I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not a fan of that Diana woman. She gives me fucked up Vibes & I think she hates black men unless they are 13-18.

  4. KEEEEPPPP THIS SHIT COMINGGGGG!!!!! LISTENNNNN!!!! The old sugar be the onessssss!!! Cause whatttttt???!!!!

  5. Hey yall. I won’t be posting nothing else. Someone really hurt me with a post on my page. Wasn’t bothering nobody, just being me. Want to thank yall for the support. It was something that I needed, plus one of the twins health is on the line. This was something to take my mind off the situation, but I need to move forward. Thank you for everything, but I need to leave. ❤ yall! Christina aka DaRadiant1

  6. I want to know if it’s true Marvin and that Brando guy messing around? Whew keep that old tea coming

  7. David Ruffin dead and gone can sing Diana Ross under the table on a foggy day in the rain. The man was a azzhole. But the fool could SANG.

    Hell, The Temptations as a whole could blow the Supremes out the water. The Temps catalog is just better 🤷.

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