September 30, 2022

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17 thoughts on “The Truth About The A &E Notorious B.I.G Special And His Murder Part 1

  1. Puff knew exactly what he was doing. Big was a sacrifice, but Puff gone get his one day sooner than he thinks.

  2. Could’ve sworn you broke this down for us already… but I’m down to read again 😩🤷🏼‍♀️

  3. I’m always down to hear more tea cause even though we now basically know Diddy was responsible there is still much left unsaid you could tell. Keep it coming G!

  4. Back in 97 when BIG passed , cats in NYC was scrutinizing everybody in Bad Boy entourage that was out in LA when it happened because the rumor was that ALLEDGEDLY some heavy hitters in jail paid somebody in the crew to leave BIG exposed , but Gene story always stayed the same all these years so NOW that Gene was able to make his chronicles online and say his peace uncensored , now Puff and the rest want to fudge the details for TV . Dont forget Afeni sat down with Ms Wallace when it happened and filled her in details on who the crooked cops were in the LAPD and NYPD Gang Unit that is the reason why Ms Wallace filed wrongful death lawsuit against LAPD AFTER Afeni passed so IDK but it was sposed to be a class action lawsuit SMDH ALLEDGEDLY !

  5. *settles in with popcorn🍿* Yeah we know his ” friends” more than likely set him up. But there is nothing like a good ole unsolved mystery/murder. Pour that tea.

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