September 30, 2022

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53 thoughts on “Why They Are Lying About Chadwick Boseman’s Death

  1. G, when you know, you know. This is the entertainment world. When sign, he says you mine. Whatever payment due, it WILL be paid. It’s sad but I’m not fooled. You gotta pay to play. I stopped trying to convince people. Most those that naysay would be glad to jump in his position and be star. Just know you gotta pay the cost to be the boss. I come here for the heads ups and nods.

    Beware I send you out as sheep among wolves so be wise as serpents and gentles as doves.

    1. I stopped trying to tell people also, it’s draining and people are going to believe a lie quicker than the truth anyway.

      1. I found it real odd that they changed his age. But it’s all too obvious that this was a sacrifice. As soon as I saw it, a commercial for the VMA’s played and it clicked. Also, it’s strange that Angela Basset is the only one so far that has posted something about his death that was in black panther. I know everyone deals with grief differently, but not even an initial reaction or anything from the others.

  2. I see everyone was coming at you on I.G. but once they get out of their feelings they will see that you are telling the absolute truth keep your head up G, and thank you so much for telling the truth no matter how hard it is for people to believe it just remember what you are doing isn’t for everyone the people who know, know

  3. Spike states no one knew when he filing Da 5 Bloods. I find that hard to believe. I would think Movie studios require medical exams to ensure there are no liabilities that will thwart filming. It’s unlikely his illness was that much of a secret.

    His age discrepancy is odd. All of the time he was listed as 42 (because he is the same age as me and I remember seeing his age when black panther came out) for it to now be 43. They know people are onto them and the Gematria

    1. I was thinking the same thing!! I thought movies had to be insured and in order to get insurance, physicals are required in the main actors. I mean I could be wrong, but…..

      Also, he just didn’t look well.

      1. No you are not wrong, I work in production finance and they usually do. We cannot shoot anything unless we have insurance and legal in place. So I am confused on how they did not know

  4. I knew this was odd. I also feel like they are using this as another distraction from the police killings. Politicians are even paying their respects locally, not to say anything is wrong with that but just weird. Actors and musicians pass often through life, but politicians don’t acknowledge them on such a large scale. The people in Hollywood and the music industry ate quick to say R.I.P. but nit quick to speak out about social injustice. Weird as hell.

  5. We know how people get when celebrities pass they go into defense mode and don’t wanna hear the truth but like you said coincidences can only coincidental but for so long. I also pay attention to who pops up with an RIP Post cause too many times do people come out the blue with a story to tell but when Chadwick was alive we never saw them together. Gotta keep an eye on that too.

  6. Okay so he was a sacrifice.. But for whom? Or what? Kobe was a sacrifice for LeBron if I understand correctly. So who is it for Chadwick? Regardless, it sucks to lose him. RIP Chadwick

  7. You have to understand everyone is not on the same spiritual ground that you are on when discussing these things. Even though you have told them time and time again that industry doesn’t move the same as the REAL world, they still won’t get it or believe.
    These are the same people who are blinded by a lot of things going on in their own lives. If I were you, I wouldn’t even give them any hints of the REAL tea like this on Ig. You have been around a good while. People who know, I mean really know will just swing here to the blog and get the info. Let them be lost, you tried to tell them.

  8. MLB declared August 28th Jackie Robinson day which usually would be in April, also the creator of the black panther, Jack Kirby’s birth date is August 28th.
    Chadwick portrayed those two biggest roles of his career and he dies on August 28th.

    On another note there was a wrestler named kamala Harris that died and the next day Kamala Harris gets the VP. Nomination.
    None of this is a coincidence!

  9. Wow…. whaaaaaat an interesting observation with evidence based facts. Thank you for sharing through another lens. I never would have imagined.

    1. Exactly. I know colon cancer is something serious and I wanted to think it was his cause of death, but when I saw his age at 42 I just blew over all these post. It’s the same song different entertainer.

      Anyways meg looks bigger performing for tidal. How is she able to move like that?

    1. I think it was a typo when she said Kobe’s death date was 02-26-2020. February 26th is my birthday and I would have remembered if Kobe died that day. Kobe passed on 01-26-2020. So the math is correct despite the typo.

  10. Nevermind…I see the death date has a typo. It should be 01-26-2020 not 02-26-2020. Don’t mind me ya’ll lol.

  11. We are under a ritual now. The lady a watch said that she seen them right before Kobe plane went down summons the devil in California. She said seen 3 dragons over California and one couldn’t breath and it was white. The other two were in the water. She after Kobe died their will be a lot of celebrities deaths. That whoever they worship what they had to give is not working anymore. He wanted out with old and in with the new. The children sacrifice are not working anymore. You will see more kids being rescued. That’s why tunnels are being blown up. Earthquake and Hurricanes, fires . She said when Naya passed before they even found her body she said exactly where it was . And the next day they found her in that same spot. If anyone believes you better stock up on dry food cans candles solar lights. And call on your ancestors. I been knew this was coming 1 in half year ago. She said Nipsey told her a war was coming. And paper money no longer be important only gold and silver. Coins.

    1. I 100 percent agree with that lasy. I been told my family to stock up on dry, non-perishable food, emergency type stuff… and have something other than paper money to barter with, because something is coming. I told her this a few years ago, and told her that this that is happening right now isnt it. Something bugger is coming and we need to be prepared. And also get guns and ammo.

  12. i didn’t know him personally but he just seemed like such a good person, like he didn’t really belong in that typical Hollywood setting. i wonder if he really wanted to be at the met gala or if he HAD to be because he didnt look happy there. he seemed the most happy amongst friends and acting. maybe the most high took him before they completely got him. we’ll never really know. its so sad.i hope he’s truly at peace now

    1. If this is all true, maybe they took him because he didn’t want to comply. He did not seem like the type. His energy was different…seemed more genuine.

  13. I feel like this is a distraction for something that’s going to happen like when Kobe passed there was 5 people with coronavirus, look at us now 😫

  14. Can someone explain to me why they would want to lie about his AGE? Like what difference would it make if he was 42 and not 43 when he died ? What reason do they have to make it seem like he was 43 (I DO believe they lied) I just don’t get why

  15. I find this article very and extremely disrespectful.
    People and struggle against cancer everyday. GOOD people. Bad things do happen to GOOD people.
    I more than understand the fight between good & evil.
    Personally, I was Supernaturally healed from terminal cancer. Supernatural. I literally felt the moment that the Holy Ghost healed me.
    Why wasn’t he healed the same way? I have no idea. But, I do know plenty that loved the Lord and those that were not Saved but good people who lost the war to cancer.
    I get the whole Hollywood sinister angle BUT to say God did not heal him because he had to be playing with satan is demonic.

    1. The INDUSTRY is demonic. G has said time and time again, do not compare yourself or regular people with Hollywood people it’s NOT the same for us as it IS for them.

  16. I keep checking Lupita, Michael and the other girl (his sister in Black Panther) on Instagram. They have not commented on his death. I find it odd

  17. I was a huge fan because he was not only an amazing artist but an intellect. I’m just confused because I have followed him closely since Get on Up, the James Brown biopic , and I remember his bio on Wikipedia saying he was born in 1976, then about a year or two ago it changed to 1977, then changed back to 1976 since his passing.

    I know there are no coincidences but his net worth was only 12 million. Did they invite him to “join” and he refused? He was the lead for one of Marvel Universe’s largest grossing films The sequel slated for 2022… and they kill him? Why? Was he asking for more money?

    Just a huge talent and a huge lost.

  18. But Kobe died on 1-26-2020 NOT 2-26-2020. So his numbers should add up to 66 if that means anything, not 67 as stated above

  19. I’m not totally sold on this, but I respect G’s view. I know a guy who passed away from Pancreatic Cancer and he was relatively younger and healthy. No bad lifestyle habits. He just got it and died after abt 2 years. Shit happens.

  20. So what did all the babies born with illnesses and little kids with terminal illness do to make God mad? Y’all crazy. Ppl get cancer everyday in the us. If anything it probably came from all the crappy food he had to eat as an underprivileged youth and young man vs god being mad at him.

  21. And….

    I also feel it’s mighty strange how BARELY ANY CELEBS posted condolences 🤔🤔🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️👀👀🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

  22. G, I feel you so much the devil is real. if you believe in God or a higher power how can you not. I agree with everything you say and my dad being a pastor. I pay because I know in my heart spirt and mind. I was a little conflicted because I’ve heard you tell a lot of stories about the things you were in and did, but look at you NOW! God i know will be there 🙏 belive and have faith and that comes to some and some come short on that. im sure everyone on here has gottenade a God said somethings we truly don’t mean but its for you to know that how could I be down and out how can I be up how can I be rock bottom and its nobody but God that brings you back. I stay prayed up nothing but praying family. but I also know the devil is working always. g your the truth but if u have faith and most of your followers have never been on either side. keep up the work, but God REIGNS and im praying for all my ICYDK FAMILY

  23. I really didn’t mean any harm, I know how the devil works he loves the weak, vulnerable, why he preys on children and people that don’t believe in God. The devil is a lie

  24. Sad. My spiritual mother works in medical industry and tells me people rarely die from colon cancer. It felt wrong for me from the moment he was pronounced dead

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