September 30, 2022

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20 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/25/2020

    1. I saw that too but idk what to think about all that wit Percy & his family…seem like i remember a while back C-Murder was saying Percy wasn’t there for him..they really confusing me. Monica chile idk wat to say about her either cause I’m sure she’s ready to get back with him since more than likely he will be getting out soon. Wonder will they last cause she can’t seem to keep anyone🤔 and she been riding for him all throughout all her relationships?? I mean I kno They friends and all but weren’t they more than that once before??? Chile it’s all to much!!!

      1. C-Murder was the love of Monica’s Life. Rocko and Shannon probably knew she was still going to see him and put money on them books, and probably the reasonhe cheated.

  1. So is future messing with meg? Lori sis just do your own thing.

    Joie wants him more than Britt his 3rd.

    Melyssa Ford good for you.

  2. Justin and Jessica always look miserable and stale af.

    Lamar shouldnt marry that girl but o well.

    I like Garcelle I think she would be a good addition.

  3. No surprise about Future & Joie she took Brits place hell even be rocking her apparel promoting it and what not …. again I’ve said it before have y’all seen her dance 💃🏽??? 😩 she bagged him on them hips and dips 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    1. His bm Eliza knows how to dance too😂😂😂he love a dancer. Britt do seem like she over him fr this time. Joie is a goofy I knew he was back with her she’s been posting crazy and he posted their son lol

  4. Can we get a break down of The C Murder and Monica relationship? Ive heard a few rumors about their situation.

    Master P is hurt obviously and there’s more to his grievances with C Murder and their family… seriously hope they find healing.

    I understand Monica has Tru Love for C-Murder but is getting back with him the right thing?

    Everyone is losing sight of C Murder being freed and alot more things I feel are going to come to light.

  5. Good for Melyssa Ford.

    Is Joie that desperate for a dude?

    Master P and his family clearly have a lot of things to work. More reason for Monica to back off because she isn’t family. If Kim really wants to get C Murda out, just keep working and ignore the family drama.

  6. OMG Future & Meg gone be BM #11 😂 she better sit her hot ass down. Love her but mixing with everyone will always put you at risk for harm. And Monica while I adore her, when I found out she and Corey are TEN YEARS apart and smashed when she was 16/17 and he was 26/27 that’s pedo-ish. And she should not be holding on to a man that has MULTIPLE women like come on Mo you was a glorified SIDE CHICK & you think if he EVER gets out y’all gone be all lovey dovey and EXCLUSIVE yeah righ . 😂

      1. You right. That shit sound good and have you feening for them like a MF. Mo better not fool herself. How many special visits have his other women came and spent a night on grounds with him and you gone be pressed to be with him 🤮🤮

      2. Seems like she still holding on to the “what if’s”… man that shit will get you late. I recently just moved on from a friend in prison and he tried to use the same tactics and it didn’t work. I’ll rather let time do it’s thing.

  7. Happy for Garcelle! I enjoy seeing her Beverly Hills Housewives even though she can be messy. She’s needed!

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