October 4, 2022

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11 thoughts on “Decipher The Britney Spears IG Q&A Video

  1. GIRL a few weeks ago I literally went to look up old pictures of Britney and that is NOT, I repeat THAT IS NOT HER. I agree she’s been cloned plenty of times and just listening to old interviews I’m like that chick in the IG videos does not sound like Britney. Great job with this one 👌🏽

    1. I think they clone them but there’s still a little piece of the original memories and I think eventually it all comes back

    2. I said the exact same thing watching that video of her dancing to MC. THAT IS NOT THE REAL TRUE BRITNEY SPEARS!!!!

  2. extended?? are these judges being threatened or payed off? Im sickk. G have you done a card reading on Britney yet? Will it ever end for her? I am so scared they will eventually kill her or this will drive her to kill herself and her legacy will be tarnished . Im MAD AF :(((((((((((((((

  3. So sad. This is torture for her and the clone. He father doesn’t relies either way he will suffer now or later.

  4. Idk guys I think she’s on drugs. She’s getting older. She’s not going to look the same as in her prime days mixed with drugs and or alcohol. She’s acting like someone on drugs as well as being very stressed out or mentally unstable.

  5. I didn’t want to believe that this wasn’t Britney BUT sadly it’s not her!! her teeth are different..The OG did not have a gap! Never has…her voice..too forced & dont get me started on her dancing!..what happened to the real brit?

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