September 30, 2022

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38 thoughts on “Megan The Stallion You Left Houston For Hollywood Now You’re Trapped

  1. All girl baby oil parties? When you say “Feast” do you mean what I think you mean? We might need a breakdown of the Roc Nation festivities cause Chile….

  2. That’s exactly what’s happening to her. They always distance these celebrities from the people closest to them and replace them with fake “friend”. Kelsey was probably her last connection to her old life and they made such that relationship was destroyed.

    Beyonce running a bath?!?!

  3. She definitely naive. She may be be book smart but I’m definitely questioning her street smarts. And I don’t feel sorry for her in that Tory Lanez situation. At this point she’s mad annoying and I’m ready for her to go away the same as I want Beyoncé and her Camel to go away😒

  4. I think she should have remained loyal to Houston for her soul’s sake, however of being the all around “it” girl/mainstream girl she is in the right place.

  5. G could you pleaseeeee do a rundown of this post what in the world is Beyoncé running baths, what is the feast? Welcoming parties? WE DESPERATELY NEED TO KNOW!!!

    1. Running a bath is probably a ritual of initiation and “feasts” I’m almost certain is cannibalism where they eat babies … real human children … because Beyonce is a high priest witch of satanism. She always reps the baphomet.

      1. ICYDK Running a bath doesnt only consist of soap and water …

        Imagine an regular mansion party , somebody comes and says hey Meg ___ wants to see you upstairs , she goes and knocks on a room door and looks inside ITS EMPTY , but behind you in the room across the hall somebody pops out and drags her inside that room and just imagine being filled in every possible opening in her body at the same damn time and worse , and its all being recorded SMDH ALLEDGEDLY !

  6. G, what are your thoughts in regards to every time Nas puts out a project, Jay seems to put out a project within a couple of days. Do you believe Jay is obsessed with Nas? Over the last few years that has been a trend.

  7. I’m hearing she left school and she was in her last year.. I hope not, that’s her back up, not sure what she was studying

  8. To be honest, I’m over her and I scroll right past every story on her since this shooting occurred. I can’t go on lipstick alley without seeing something on her. On instagram all I see is her. I don’t listen or read anything on her anymore, Why, cuz I’m tired Hahahah. It’s like these celebrities aren’t even interesting anymore. The blogs keep reporting the same stuff and making drama out of nothing. Not saying her shooting was nothing but let’s be real, when I initially heard the story then seen the follow ups on it, something ain’t adding up. But hey, it’s her truth, Torey’s truth, then the real truth, who am I to dispute what she says. BUT If she woulda sat down for a while, nobody would think she was lying. Anyway, like I started saying, I can’t even enjoy Instagram anymore cuz everybody gotta post they opinion or post somebody twitter post about this incident. Ugh. I’m over it for real y’all 🙄🙄🙄!!!

    1. You sound like me! I am so tired of this entire situation! It’s bigger shit going on in the world and everybody wanna inspect this situation. I’m over it too

  9. She will come back from this. I pray her parents show up in her dreams and console her. She needs love. real love that will get her through…
    the industry is the devil 🙁

  10. I am not a fan of Meg, but somebody needs to tell her. But it clear that she is naive and wants that fame. I don’t see her backing down no matter how much it crushes what’s left her soul. She went and lied on her hometown label, now look at her… A mess. Sadly for Meg she doesn’t have REAL friends and if she did I doubt she would listen to them. The only think she seems to listen to is the liquor…tragic. Remember the devil always gets his due.

    1. No I am Jonathan!.. then he stop doing her hair for awhile now . Cause he didn’t want ppl to think he’s only for her . He want to work with other artists

  11. Come on thru with the real tea G! LA will chew u up & spit u out if u don’t know what’s real or fake. I want more too on the baby oil parties although I think I have an idea.

  12. Wow that’s deep! Everything is believable. Beyonce definitely uses some dark energy to Chanel a powerful entity. The way people worship her is weird.

    Meg is naive as hell & she’s definitely being initiated. I mean, the WAP video was very symbolic.

  13. I was listening to Tasha k and she mentioned how those who work closely with beyonce aren’t allowed to look her u her eyes. They have to kind of look down or away. This was in reference of them recent firing whoever works with keeping an eye on her money. Have you heard anything about this g? Also I want to to more about these beyonce *baths*..

  14. I would stayed in Houston, that’s her hometown and they took care of her. You don’t turn your back on those who were there for you.

  15. it’s a shame that the music industry is set up in a way that you can’t get to the big moolah like money unless you compromise all y our morals do something ugly or that your family would be totally ashamed of. I believe the shooting was a humiliation ritual she had to go through for reaching this level. Wonder what Cardi will have to do.

  16. They are getting all these young artists. Meg has no close family–isolated like they want her. I do feel sorry for her. People think they know and when they are in it, they have no idea. I hope she leaves LA too because the city of angels is no joke. Mess around and you become an angel.

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