October 4, 2022

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27 thoughts on “The TRUTH and Nothing but the TRUTH (Megan and Kelsey)

  1. Yessssssss. Goat talk. Always come through with the facts. Now yes he still dumb for shooting at her. But ya girl not so innocent and i hate that people are turning this into the narrative that we dont believe our black women. Only about 10% of social media didnt believe it. The big issue was they didnt believe the ENTIRE TRUTH was being told. If she would have sat that twerk ass down and chilled and hushed things would have played differently. Then she could have come out and told her soin of a story without any side eye. The fact she wanted to half speak on it and be in the public eye brought attention that she didnt want. Now for Tory dumb ass, he is just fucked either way.

  2. Oh and i always thought Megs was gay from the beginning. I don’t really think she into men that much anyway.

  3. Finally some pieces are being put together. But we know her fan base isn’t going to want to hear it. Tory was stupid to try and shoot drunk. Heck, stupid for trying to shoot period. But Meg has really went on the limb to make it seem like he really wanted to kill her. She been trying to spin this into some weird Chris/Rihanna situation. But she has been lying about so much and at least a month has passed. Her credibility is shaky. She specifically said she was shot in the BOTH feet i . e. bullets going in the feet only to be debunked and reaffirming what was said at the beginning that it was GLASS/SHARPENAL. And if she was so scared to tell the cops the story the night of, she could have went back the day after or so and told. Meg has been up there using the “Black women are unprotected” line and relying on her fans and social media to make her look completely innocent and dead the case. But you can see Kelsey wants to say her piece. Her doing the live(instead of speaking to the cops from jump) is going to backfire and expose more stuff. Tory still hasn’t said his side yet. This is about to be messy good.

  4. To be quite honest !! I’m interested in knowing if Tory and Meg fucked first for the simple fact that the Roc Nation Brunch they was all close and all around each other. Like idek that’s wrong for even getting mad about him Flirting with Kylie and you dead aaa went after a dude your “friend” was feeling and got more acquainted with him behind scenes and y’all shit about being mad at him. Wheewwwwwwww Chile I KNEWWWWWWWW There was more this story and I was waiting for it to unfold ! Go aheaddddddd G 🐐 !!! You need to make a shirt with it Saying G the muthafcking Goat !!!!!

  5. Smh they just should’ve had a threesome and been done with it. Megan and Kelsey were licking on each other and then they were both screwing Tory Lanez’s goofy looking self. This whole situation could’ve been resolved by a romp in the bedroom instead of Megan getting shot, Tory hiding out, and Kelsey somewhere looking silly. 🤦🏾‍♂️

  6. No THIS makes perfect sense. Kelsey got these two in their feelings! 😂 Whew! … She is pretty though 🤷🏾‍♀️

  7. & she better be careful because if turns out that she went and fucked someone her friend liked or messed with, it will change her brand real quick. All her hot girls are gonna side her “friends with everyone” image to snake friend that backstabs & steals your man image

  8. I’m sorry but the post before was adamant that she wasn’t shot smh love this blog and happy to be a member but y’all been flip flopping lately on a lot of stuff! Literally the article before said she wasn’t shot and this was all covid smh

  9. If y’all don’t agree with this blog get tf off period. G said she didn’t believe she got shot she didn’t say she didn’t get shot tho she was waiting for more details and she got them and this story makes a lot of sense

    1. Nobody has to agree with everything that is put in front of their face please and have a difference of opinion. That’s why it’s called an OPINION. Please act like u have the sense God gave you 🤦🏾‍♀️

  10. This is along the lines of what Akademiks said…except he said Tory was messing with Kelsey first and when Kelsey got Covid and was in quarantine that’s when him and Meg started hooking up on the side. It all came out at the party and that’s why they were all arguing in the car. Apart of me feels like drinking and drugs were involved too, but something is really being covered up.

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