October 4, 2022

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34 thoughts on “Sugar Cubes 8-19-2020 Meg Thee Stallion in SUGARFOOT

  1. The more she talk the more she sounds like a liar. If she was shot intentionally an arrest would be made. She is the only one saying she got shot. That is why need medias like TMZ keep calling It an “alleged” shooting. They can’t confirm and if her back was away from the car how did she know she was shot?

  2. It all sounds like she needs to sit the fuck down and focus on her career! Stop befriending everyone chill get better and better at your craft leave the ninjas and these bitches in and out of the industry TF alone – what they say it’s LONELY at the TOP! 🥴 she seems like a dope person that needs to get a tight(er) circle & STAY there. In my most humble opinion – respectfully.

    1. She is lying a banking on social media to play dumb but instead they playing inspector gadget and she had to drop pics which someone said she would 2days b4. Everytime she post a twerk it will be talked about, being in the club it will be talked about. So she was walking away got shot and jumped back in the car with tory AND she not hanging with her bestie another witness anymore? I believe meg is not this im friends and love everybody type of person i believe she lies and is an act and want people to think shes so nice and a college student. Even that mug shot story did not add up, so you was beating on ya boyfriend did you beat tory too then smh. Those are the thoughts that will come to mind she better make sure it was worth it because this is the year 2020 vision everyone getting exposed sooner or later.

  3. Lastly that damn foot don’t look like it took no bullets …. more like some scrapes and scratches. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  4. This one is hard to say… don’t want to assume. It’s easy to drag her, but if she was to lie about something like this incident that is very public, I think it would be career suicide. I think Megan just need to chill and finish her school stuff and focus on her career. She needs to learn how to be alone and protect her energy from everybody and stop being a busy body.

  5. It’s her story that isn’t adding up and that plays a factor in what makes people not believe her. Now she saying she was walking away and got shot in the foot and then what? Got back in the car with Tory or whoever shot her? How come in that video she didn’t look shot or was limping like she got shot? Why did the first police report mention nothing about being shot? She lying

  6. Meanwhile saweetie telling the youngins to wrap it up!!! I don’t believe meg. She got too much to say and prove. I saw a picture of future standing next to her and he looked uninterested. Anyways only one of her foot/ankle was bandaged up. It doesn’t look like she got shot though it look like a bad fall she took and scraped herself.

  7. Well i sent the picture of meg to my cousin who is an RN an she let a dr look at it an he said it was a gunshot womb.The pics you provided doesnt go with this case bc everybody is different an we dont know the type of gun that was used. Yall need to stop trying to discredit her an go after tory bc he did this to her

      1. My initial thoughts exactly!
        …Post viewing the photos provided. I scrub meaning assist surgeons during surgery as a surgical tech. With that being said… I have never gained experience or training necessary for the ER (emergency room). My only experience is in the OR for pre scheduled procedures that occur in the OR . Sooooo I am unaware of their protocol for patients requiring surgical procedures in the ER. They only bring patients up to the OR (operating room) for cases they are unable to manage in the ER. Hence the photo of the procedure rendering care for a gunshot incident to the foot with non sterile gloves caught my eye 🚩…. unless it was a superficial wound and I still have doubts. I have only had training in a sterile environment which does not appear to be the setting in the photo provided. Moreover, she may have had the procedure done in a surgery center like many with higher levels of wealth do and their protocols differ from those of a hospital. But hey I am not a specialist/ physician/ surgeon, yet just a member of a healthcare specialty team. My required skillset is not one of a complex knowledge base such as surgeons FNP or anesthesiologist (high ranking members of surgical teams), not circulators, basic RNs, or a detective.
        Lastly, because she, Megan stated she was shot in her foot blah blah blah may have taken place prior to obtaining legal representation…. gives me the impression she may have been advised not to further discuss the incident as attorneys often advise their clients. Providing an image of healthcare workers providing care to who? Whose foot? Without a face we do not know and possibly a ploy to satisfy fans or there lack of since she exposed herself like many do for the like and fan base on social media, too appear or stay relevant 🥴🤷🏾‍♀️
        **Sorry to be winded. Results of a person that charts for work 🖥⌨🖱 Details come with the field of work to CYA.

    1. My sentiments exactly. Would shot wounds vary by the type of gun used?

      She should of told the whole story and just mention who shot her, not sure why she won’t say who did it. She already made people skeptical of her by not even being forthcoming with the investigation and telling her side to law enforcement.

      I hope Tory could tell his side of the story one of these days. Just to get a clearer picture and we can put the pieces together on what happened.

      1. I agree. And tory is KNOWN to run his mouth. I bet he’s waiting for his court date. Once his case is closed. Id be interested to see what happens once he’s free and clear.

    2. I deal with wound care everyday and I know its a gun shot wound but I’m not arguing with a bunch of people that have no medical experience (as in the comments above yours). People are so quick to put their opinions on others. It’s a shame

  8. Thanks for the research G. Does this girl think the whole world is stupid, to believe she was shot??? And then the sudden bandaged foot in the strip club!! Her fans are so stupid.

  9. Meg shot her SELF in the foot by posting this picture!! At most, she may have been scraped up by some flying glass. But that is no gun wound. Where is the trauma team? You have a celebrity in the ER with a ..no 2 gunshot wounds (because she said she was shot in both feet) and there are no police in the room? Detectives interviewing her, trauma team? Her Management? Plastic surgeons? Just 1 lonely person picking glass particles out of her foot with tweezers and a student or nurse looking on.

  10. That is a deep CUT. Definitely not a gun shot wound. The way he skin is ripped is an effect from a slice.

  11. I don’t believe her. It looks like glass fragments. And we STILL don’t know what happened and she won’t say. Kelsey said she didn’t do it but she could be lying 🤷. At this point all three, Meg, Tory, and Kelsey are fair game. Meg is relying on her fan base and social media to make this go away. She heard people talking about her feet and threw this picture up there. How convenient. Meg knows the story is falling apart and is trying everything to save the lie.

    1. What made her say something in the first place? I ain’t see nothing about what Tory or his team has said, so when I saw that tweet I was confused as hell.

  12. I was gonna give her the benefit of the doubt. But im sorry she’s a FCKING LIAR….you first said you got shot in BOTH feet. Then it was just one. You was JUST at dj khaled house, foot unbandaged. Yet…… You go to the club days later with a wrap on your foot. This all weird as hell. And she’s a liar atp.

  13. I feel like the industry set Tory up and they used Megan to do it. He had been getting really outspoken lately. I think that’s why Meg won’t drop a name… maybe it’s being used for black male to keep him in check. Remember when he made that post and threatened to expose “what really goes down in those offices” etc. maybe his outspoken attitude is finally being checked and it’s a “last chance situation”. Get in line or we will “confirm” that it was you who shot Meg. Anyone else have that theory cross their mind? …and what if he’s being reprogrammed/punished and that’s why he’s been MIA… I’m high. Don’t mind me. Lol but this will eventually fizzle out in due time. Especially if she won’t confirm who shot her.

    1. LMAO im high af speculating too. But knowing his outspoken nature id say he’s waiting for his court date. Once he’s free and clear something will be said. She needs to stop talking.

  14. Not to discredit this blog but I’m an RN and I work in trauma and I am wound certified!! THAT IS DEFINITELY A GUNSHOT WOUND! Period! and I want someone to help me understand what tf that has to do with her having Covid-19! Please make that shit make sense! Y’all crazy for not supporting a women that was shot by the hands of a man! Shit is ridiculous! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  15. The picture of her foot where it’s scraped is her left foot. The picture with her leg is her right foot. It may or may not be as bad as the left. For all y’all working in the medical field thanks for letting us know it is a gunshot wound, that’s all we ever wanted to know. But y’all do not have to get emo about anyone situation because y’all know first hand where here war wound stems from. This is a blog and this is life people speculate, assume and gossip. We are all on this blog trying to figure it out. We may be wrong we may be right but don’t get mad because we don’t know or just going with what we believe (it’s not that deep) when y’all can educate like y’all did. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!! It been going on before we were here and after, so it’s no point of saying anything extra bringing it down to “its sad women aren’t believe”. A man this and that when we all live everyday lives and shit happens 247. Men/women are losing their shit. All of this bs wouldn’t have happened if they were in quarantine anyway. He shouldn’t have pulled out the gun, but we don’t know who pulled it out first? We just know who got shot🤷🏾‍♀️. Tory should have been more careful he got caught slipping and Megan should have been more careful. I want to hear Kelsey side since she made it known she ain’t shoot meg. This is a prime example of you can’t mix everybody even yourself. Fight the temptation sometimes.

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