July 2, 2022

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57 thoughts on “PSA Season 11 What Do You Want To Know About?

  1. Is drake seeing baddiegi? She followed him and posted several post with all of his music and captioned 3 of her pictures with his lyrics , it was random

    1. I peeped that too and I know G said that Drake watched the Gooba video and was looking at her in the red 👀❤️

  2. Keep giving me the 2000s and back sugar! I adore the deciphering of demonic celebrity content. Anymore mansion party stories?

  3. Need a backstory on this c murder and Monica situation, my mom wants a backstory on Tina fey as far as her involvement in the “industry”

    1. C murder and monica dated. She made a song about him called street symphony. if my memory serves me correctly he is in the video at the very end. they broke up because he wouldnt leave the bad life along

  4. More Hot Takes!

    We want Ask G back 😭!

    I love all of Heav’s Segments. Keep them

    More Hoetails!

    More Industry Secrets!

    More Sugar on everybody segment!

    Loving the Sugar Bullet Segment!

    Let’s get more white Hollywood tea❤️

  5. The sugar on Diana Ross and The Supremes. More sugar about the Golden era of Hollywood and 1990s Hollywood sugar.

  6. I want to know what happened to SZA when she had that incident and was considering leaving music, and why she hasn’t fully left (yet). I’d also like to know about her similar counterparts i.e. Summer Walker, Ari Lennox, Jhene Aiko, H.E.R…..

    1. This is a good one. Sza is still around and I remember you saying she got am this success but the elite told her if she continues that something will happen? Mk ultra possibly?

  7. I meant to say *all in the previous comment.

    Also,was Tamar’s suicide attempt fake? Where is Toni ‘s career headed?
    Do you have tea on tsmadison?
    And also,how do we pay for tea and social media career advice specifically?
    What’s the plan for normani? (I love her)I heard Giselle was messing with her career allegedly?

    Thank you!

  8. I would love to know about jill scott, she gives me real bitch vibes, but I love her music but she seems like she has another side to her, also still waiting for that Keri Washington tea 👀

  9. I want to know more about jazmine Sullivan please, and I want to know more about missy Elliott and Trina please and thank you 😁

  10. A few years ago you hinted that Travis Scott was going to propose to Kylie during the Super Bowl. Why did that fall through?

  11. Monica’s ex that allegedly committed suicide… I’ve always heard whispers in the streets that C Murder (or someone she was dealing with) actually killed him in front of her…

  12. What happened to Busta rhymes? He was huge a one point and then kinda just fizzled out. Did he sale his soul or he didn’t and thats why he fell off?

  13. I would like to know more about the sports world like are more connected than we think or is it just certain players. Also how do I put in a special request?

  14. More of the throwback stories from the 80s and 90s.

    What is going on with singers Lala Hathaway (Donny Hathaway daughter), and Ledisi? I don’t hear much about them anymore.

  15. More Throwbacks stories. A lil less of the new age artists stories (They are just not interesting. IMO please don’t attack me for that assessment lol)
    Heaven’s know it all stories.
    Answers tot he blind items and Ask G.
    More 90s teas
    Can we also get behind the scenes of TV shows and movies?


  16. I want to hear about Glee casr, all the dirt, all the deaths and whether they were sacrifices specifically Cory and Naya. Was Mark set up for the child porn? Super curious!

  17. What’s the tea on Ellen and the show ?

    I’d also like to know about The View and how Meghan McCain manages to stay and nobody likes her.

    What up with Terry Crews?

    Next I’ve always wondered this but I remember in the early 2000s all these celebrities were into Kabalah and wearing red strings around their wrist it was like it, it was trendy and the main person into or that It seem introduced celebrities into it was Maddona but now no one talks about it. Although I do still see some wearing the red string but some say it’s for other reasons. I read a post where you explain a little about it but was wanted more details into why the celebrities stop doing Kabbalah like it was yoga.

    Last person I’m curious about is 50 cent why is he such a stupid jerk and put black women down

  18. how to navigate and succeed as an independent artist. you still haven’t made the ” labels don’t control the indsutry anymore “post available to anybody, even though i pay for full and exclusive access.

  19. Industry tea on NYC rappers Kim, AZ, Cormega, fat joe, Nore/CNN, Foxy, Mobb Deep, The Firm, ATCQ, etc)-who sold their soul and who did not? How are some of these NYC rappers still making money that have not released major label music in years and/or career is not really relevant? How did the Wu remain strong all these years? Dipset/Jim Jones/Cam’ron? Was ODB a sacrifice? His last days with Rocafella?
    Was Prodigy (RIP) killed or did his sickle cell cause his death? Phife (RIP) death and Qtip flipping out on IG, mad at the Grammys bcuz ATCQ last album did not get nominated/win? Explain the ongoing beefs and why some never reconcile (ex: JayZ and Prodigy) britto agency, 2000s Bad Boy tea: Puff, Misa, the artists on the label (Loon, Shyne, Black Rob, Cherie Denis, Faith, Total, LaurieAnn Gibson, etc…Biggie, Cease, Charlie BMore, Un Rivera, etc. whats the future of NYC now with the covid-19 and the rise in crime? Leave Nyc or ride it out? Will the music biz ever make a return to NYC like it was in the 90s-2000s? Nyc 2000s nightclub industry tea, nyc based magazines and publishing

  20. Hiyas, I’d like to know the truth behind Chappelle’s leaving and return to comedy. What was delivered to his home that ran him off. What about the orgy he attended, was it really for him to get back in the show biz game.

    Its a clip from GHHA when he talks to the therapist about wanting to kill himself like 16 I believe

  22. Classic sugar: Billy Dee William’s, Diana Ross, Donnie Hathaway. Dianne Carrol, Aretha, James Cleveland; Those of that status. Real sugar.

    I cant keep up with these internet famous/reality fake shows, those actors have no depth to me.

    1. I’m old but I find Chicago Drill Rappers culture fascinating. In that location, there is a sensational young emerging rapper on the scene named name King Von. He’s Lil Durk’s artists. Please afford us the story about The Gangster Disciples, Vice lords, O Block, 300 etc. beefs. I’m just getting to know about them because I really liked Drill Music Pioneer Fredo Satana a.k.a. the Chiraq Demon who died a couple of years ago and Montana of 300 , the Rap God. There music is pretty good to me. Recently, one of the rap artist FB Duck was shot down and there was tension between him Lil Durk and some others. Any tea on that region would be good to know about to clear up any misinterpretations that I may have about it. I’m from the Mid Atlantic area of the United States, therefore a lot isn’t known to us about there set here. We listen to Chief Keef a.k.a. Sosa real hard here, yet I don’t know the back stories of their careers.

  23. I would like to finish the taz’s angels stuff. I’d also like to hear the sugar on Megan Markel and the royals and Johnny Depp and his ex amber heard and the Kar-Jens too.. I’m down for some exclusive sugar lol

  24. I would like to still get the info on Shakir Stewart and Chris Lighty deaths. Maybe I need to pay for personal tea spillage on this. Also, was KP’s death affiliated with Misa’s blowup..for some reason it jus feels tied together. Who or what was behind the deaths of John Singleton and Andre Harrell? More dirty secrets on the gospel world.
    But keep giving us what you are giving us and doing what you are doing. the dirt battles between you and Heav are 💯.

  25. Random but that song “the business” popped in my head the other day and had me wondering what ever happened to that girl Casha? I feel like that was the first & last I heard of her.

  26. G, what is the tea on master P and monica baby!! C murder was sleeping with Monica when she was 16 and he was 26. Is that why she getting back ready for him???🤔

  27. I’m back lol i was reading some comments on another ig page saying that da baby was allegedly DL….we want the tea on that also why was he hiding his relationship with Dani Leigh , was their relationship stint for publicity?

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