October 3, 2022

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16 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/16/2020

    1. not surprise one bit if Rih got her man back. Yeah ASAP was keeping her company but you can tell she was sad about the breakup, and like y’all said kept trying to contact Hassan. Now that I think back ASAP only did like one fenty skin promo on his page and story and then it was crickets. I was expecting him to do an interview for the fenty skin launch party like Nas X did, but he didn’t.

      Then people noticed that drake followed the Toronto Chick he’s been seeing like the first week of August or last week of July so that’s like hmmmmm.

  1. I think Lauryn throughly explained a situation. And she said a lot without going into great detail of how you yourself have told us what the record industry does to artists. They tried to drive that woman crazy. I’m glad she and her child are looking into therapies/getting therapy as to not continue generational trauma.

    Plus there are things you are through a child’s lens vs when you’re an adult and a parent. My mother knocked me unconscious twice and I have head trauma that affects my eyes as an adult. Is that right? No but my mother is only 16 years older than me and was brought thinking that’s how you discipline children and other circumstances of a child raises a child. As a mother of 3 girls sometimes you want to slap the living shit out of them because of their mouth but I also understand they are growing learning and testing boundaries. So talk to them about everything (tmi mum). I advocate never lying to your children; make them aware or the world will fool them.

    Gossip is cheeky and fun. But I hope we know that this trauma too and still learn from it.

  2. -Summer Walker had personal struggles before the fame, however I do believe some of what Jaguar said. Something seems really off with Summer.
    -That Nas line was hilarious, however, there are black men that are like Doja and they should also be held accountable.

  3. Something happened to Summer… She is very off and always looks like a space cadet. Lost all the time. At least she makes decent music.

    Hassan must have Good D, because Rihanna does not want to let this guy go.

    Lauryn explanation was reasonable in my opinion. As someone who grew up in a carribean household, I see some of things happening with my family that Selah detailed.

  4. When she said she was a child of GOD. I felt she had to be talking about the God of this earth, Satan. Wasn’t there an old post on the blog about Summer and witch craft? storing blood in her fridge?Something like that

  5. If he’s not gonna marry her Rih shouldn’t go back…Meg cashing in from rituals at the pajama party?

    In what way was summer “touched”? Sex assault?

    1. I heard meg performed for bey at a private mansion party in the master bedroom! It probably was the pj party I almost forgot about that.

  6. I think Rihanna is wasting time with Hassan. He isn’t going to marry her because she doesn’t fall in line with what his family and Islam expect. And changing her entire lifestyle for a man isn’t it. I knows it probably hurts. But she needs to let go.

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