October 3, 2022

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8 thoughts on “The Real Behind Atlantic Records Planning To Leak and Sabotage Nicki’s Next Album

  1. Miley Cyrus dad racist and that’s just on that the reason it makes it easier for them to sabotage her is because she’s a black women. I’m guessing they have wasted billions of dollar trying to get rid of her. They been really trying to get rid of her for so long it’s crazy and she keeps on shining and still getting money. I pray she has a healthy baby all this stuff is not good for her and the baby. Wow I’m just s shocked they been doing this for a long time I just thought it started in 2018 but damn

  2. So it was bob Iger that said that? That explains why I couldn’t find another other head dude in charge of Disney records that was super close with Miley lol I thought it was someone else.

  3. aint that a bitch she might as well be independent then if she has to fend for herself while still on their label. I’m sure they would just sabotage that too. How many cds does she have left on her deal ? I wonder what she’ll do after she fulfills her contract. This right here is some sick shit. They just want her to give up I’m sure. Keep making shit hard for her so she’ll just throw in the towel.

  4. With the platform she has,she should go independent.The barbz will ride regardless, I know that for sure.

    Still, it’s fucked up, man. Been running this shit for 10 years, now we have mediocre rappers. She spoiled us 😓

    The baby is the priority right now. Focus on that, then start making moves after birth. Leaked or not though, I’ma support. that’s what fans do.

  5. can you please make the ” records labels don’t run the industry anymore” post available? i paid for full access and still cannot see it

  6. This is why I love and respect Nicki so much! Her work ethic in these trenches is serious. She needs all our support with this album. PERIOD! I can’t wait to see what she does when she fulfills her contract. Any avenue, she will have supporters.

  7. i love nicki minaj, she will leave her label, join another label, her next album will do well, it will go number 1

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