September 30, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/13/2020

  1. Lil Romeo is corny as hell to me. He needs to get under a spell his damn self.

    I Pray for every child in the world. The people that’s supposed to be caring for their children ain’t right.

    Kanye told us she wouldn’t leave!

    Why the hell do jodie be with jordyn so much are they grooming her? Did y’all see her under juelz(solanges son) ig talking about hey twin he said nahh something else with hearts. People were saying she’s been thirsting under a lot of guys pictures. The children need to be children they to press to be in the mix with they undeveloped asses. I’m my tiedddd!

    1. We all knew Khole and Tristan would formally make that announcement, even though they been back together. She has to make them look like a “stsble” couple before she delivers that next baby. I wonder is a new house her down payment on what she owes him for more sperm donations?

  2. Why tf does it bother so many people that Khloe is going back to Tristan who gives af. And jordy went back to TYga after Blanchyna and Kylie and all the others soooo wth. Cheating is a deal breaker for some and some can move past it, but I’ve witnessed women go back and cheating wasn’t the issue it was bigger problems than them like total disrespect on another level so idk. Everyone’s just different in the love department.

    1. For Khloe, the reason she gets dragged behind Tristan is because of the way she and her family acted towards Jordyn. Behind BOTH Tristan and Jordyn messing around. Whenever you put on a show like that to the world and you go back, best believe you will be clowned. It happens to the famous and non famous alike. So now after her and her sisters played it out in front the cameras and etc. You are gonna take the man back. When in actuality you need to leave him where you left Jordyn…alone. And Khloe knows this. That’s why she is being quiet with because if she really didn’t care she would be out there with it. And those other ladies get clowned too. Folks always bring up Beyonce sticking with Jay. I think anyone who continues to go back to habitual cheaters gets clowned. At certain point you already know what you are gonna get and people get tired of the same story. Just that Khloe is a bigger fish and again, the way she dealt with the situation.

      1. Yeah I agree, but the petty in me feels like Khloe almost had a heart attack cuz when she got the news all she heard was jord…😂😂😂😂and thought of jordy. And over did it. Tristan is her child father so I guess lol these celebs are big goofy though!

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