October 3, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Nothing But The Truth: Nicki Minaj’s Numbers For “Move Your Hips”

  1. Actually her comments were limited because people were leaving nasty comments about her pregnancy… I noticed after she dropped the picture preggers

      1. No she limited her comments after they were sending her nasty comments on her pregnancy photos. It had nothing to do with tae

  2. This why Nicki needs to wait until the fraud Cardi release her album. Rocnation is trash and I hope Nicki gets out of her Tidal contract.

    1. It ain’t no doubt that song will go #1 they pulling out all the stops and promo for it. She has the nerve to call it “genuine love” too. They’ll do anything for this latina woman to break more records than nicki. Nicki nvr has that anymore she does everything on her own since she’s been deactivated. Her fans have to work twice as hard because of her not getting radio play or being put on any big playlists. Or celebs giving her heavy promo. Every time things seem to be sorta looking up here they come miserable asf to knock her back down. Yes I know she’s in deactivation mode but it seems like they’re going so much harder on her than anyone else who’s in mode. I wish jay z didn’t still have as much power and respect in the industry as he does. I wish the shoe could be on the other foot. He could be in deactivation mode & ppl help to sabotage him behind the scenes. He did it to riri too for his own selfish reasons & plenty other ppl too. Then he would see how that shit feels. I know she’s just ready to say fuck It all together. I bet after she has the baby she gon take a long hiatus and ion blame her. This is probably their plan anyway to just make her wnna give up all together and feel defeated and retire. But whatever happens I just hope my baby stays sane through all of this I know how hard it can be on your mental.

  3. This is sooo lame and Cardi has to go through all of this and spend all of this money to get the attention smh. Also the Barbz just created that station and they looked at the rules from Billboard. They have been trying to do everything by the rules that’s why they keep changing them! The fans are tired of the BS! Also they are not about to stream Harry styles lol the barbs are ready for Nickis lead song they are done with these other songs because of that bogus move.

  4. This is all so crazy to me. I miss the days when your album either sold or it didnt. You put music out and did tours. People either bought the album and bought tickets to the shows, or they were not interested. Simple as that.

  5. Nicki is 🗑. Her music is 🗑. So is that WAP song, Cardi, and Meg. One big cesspool. Dumbed down music achieving its goal of dumbing down minds.

    1. I know future is back with Joie lol Lori post her Chanel bags yesterday joie posted one and the ap today. Future got joie feeling herself again lol #fuckabirkinitsbattleofthechanels

  6. This is ridiculous. All of this scamming of the numbers. You would think these people were creating a cure for cancer the way the label heads work the system over. At this point the music industry is a joke. It let’s you know it has NO faith in the artists, where they have to manipulate the numbers. Every month or so this same problem comes up with some artist. Nicki shoulda have waited to drop her song. She knows they will pin her against Cardi.

    1. This is not her song! She’s just a feature. Ferg decides when, what and how to do. This blog is on cardi payroll and trying hard to make it seems Nicki is going against cardi. Since Nicki is minding her business they doing everything to get a response from her.

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