October 3, 2022

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35 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/8/2020

  1. Common says he is happy to be dating Tiffany…… he said those words about Angela and the following week he broke up with her. There are ppl in his camp that knows him well and said he still have other women coming over to his house and is reportedly telling them he’s still single. If they did not press him about her he never would’ve confirmed them dating. It’s funny he happily confirmed it right when Jaguar Wright put out those sexual misconduct allegations about him. I”m sure his PR told him to let the Haddish dating story play out to override what Jaguar said

    If Megan hook up with Michael B. Jordan i would be surprised cuz I thought he only liked white women.

  2. So what’s the problem with Nba yb and Nicki ?

    That video was too much for me and it was trash(my opinion)

  3. That’s most likely what happened with meg cause y’all said the first report is the closest to the truth & it said sumn bout glass in her foot first. She also said she got “shot” and no bones were hit.

  4. Kylie was following Megan thee stallion She follows every main stream female rapper when Megan unfollowed Kylie because the shade room posted that Megan wasn’t following her anymore that’s when Kylie unfollowed

  5. Sharon Stone better watch what she says
    I don’t buy it about naya I still think she was killed. Britney’s dad looks like an evil corpse
    And I knew I wasn’t crazy about the symbolism in the video
    Common is cheating I don’t buy it with loud mouth Tiffany
    What’s going on with Orlando bloom and Katy 🍕 perry?

  6. What’s up with Nicki and NBA? They getting stalled behind the scenes or something? Ain’t NBA with Lyor?

  7. Nicki and cardi should just make a song. They need to move pass 2018. Lol just make up already, make tons of money together, and break the internet. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Wap is trash. I feel the girls can make a better song. come on now.

    1. Nicki is doing phenomenal without cardi so stop attaching nicki name to hers. The only reconciliation i would want is lil kim and nicki those to on a song together

    2. Girl I wholeheartedly agree! I was thinking that Nicki should have been the one walking slow when the music stopped in the WAP video (not boring lame Kylie) and when she turned around she could have dropped THEE coldest verse eva! THAT would have irreversibly broke the whole internet!!!

  8. I read somewhere that Meg & MBJ were getting close…that could mean anything but I would bet she was dealing with him and not Meek…regardless of their affiliations with JayZ.

  9. The WAP video and song were pure trash. Cardio B, Meg, Nicki, and the City Girls have nothing left to rap about other than their powerful vaginas while we are all struggling to survive a pandemic and improve the lives of people of color in world?

    1. Thats how I know you put nicki in the mix just to put nicki name in it because nicki don’t always rap about her coochie. Thats all you listen to

  10. Why did Meg and her best friend fall out and I thought Michael B Jordan only liked white women and I still don’t think Meg got shot in the feet.. I still can’t see Common being into Tiffany I don’t see it lasting too long.. and is Sharon Stone saying someone is going to murder her.. this was a good read keep up the good work guys..

  11. Ahhh… Nicki and NBA have what problem?? Britney’s dad turning in accounting late? Is it some kind of stall tactic- stalling for what?

    Some of this may be known by people who deeply keep up with it or know the what to look- but this rest of us, myself, gets frustrated with the vagueness

  12. Tory would be a absolute fool to deal with Meg after this. It is close to a month and still no REAL word on what happened in that car. Megan isn’t cooperating with the cops. You know why? Because like it has been stated here, it didn’t go down the way Meg is trying to portray it. All she did was leave the door open for speculation. First they were after Tory, now they looking at her friend. Having people accused of something they didn’t do is dirty. If the man shot you, let that part be known. If to no one else at least the cops. But instead Meg is just letting imaginations run wild. I have been noticing people are catching on to it. They wanna see her feet. All behind some Covid results. That is sad.

  13. If this happened: I was thinking that Nicki should have been the one walking slow when the music stopped in the WAP video (not boring lame Kylie) and when she turned around she could have dropped THEE coldest verse eva! THAT would have irreversibly broke the whole internet!!!
    Nicki would have slaughtered the entire track and video. And these girls could have squashed the beef…for now.

  14. The song was one of the worst songs I have ever heard from a female rapper it’s was cringe worthy. The video had good parts but was all over the place.

  15. LMAO ppl are complaining about why Kylee was featured in WAP ? BECAUSE SHE IS THE ONE WHO PAID FOR THE VIDEO ! Watch for the video shoot outtakes to popup on the new season of keepingupwithkkk . PMK might be paying MTS to stay quiet and use the drama for a new season SMDH !

    Meek dropped his bm so quick because Roc is gonna be pair him with MTS – now DreemChazers has an excuse to actually be a real record label and Meek can act like a mogul MBJ is just angling for a role in the next video he has no clout on socialmedia since blm protests ended .

    NBA asked for his masters = blackballed .
    Nikki called Azoff out for $treaming = deactivated .

    Jag vs Common = nuff said she is very articulate about ALL the neo soul hoeism .

    CitiThots have the same lawyers as Cardigan are suing , IDK and they are in debt to the lawyers so they gotta roll with the punches .

  16. I believe it’s time for the Nicki and Cardi situation to be over. Honestly no one cares about it anymore. I feel like the WAP video was decent but the song wasn’t a banger for me. If they start putting the shit everywhere for no reason I surely know why.

  17. I thought that was really trashy and disrespectful( and bold) of January Jones to keep leaving those comments about Kawhi..or however you spell his name, seeing how he has a woman that hes been with for a long time.

    I also believe this is the situation with Meg. Her feet were injured yes…by shattered glass after a shooting. But she wasnt shot. Especially once she said no bones were hit. In either foot? Your feet are like 98% bone. What is the likelihood that you get shot in BOT feet, and escaped bullets hitting bone in both feet??? Nahhhhh Meg. Your story isnt adding up.

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