October 4, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Decipher Beyonce Black is King Part 2

  1. She’s been doing this for the longest… Nothing new…Now I see y it was important to get Megan the number 1 position on billboard…she needed that buzz

  2. There have been only a very few times where I wasn’t on board with the opinions and/or statements on this blog. There’s no way u can agree on everything all of the time. This is not one of those times. I see these “movies” and videos for what they are. Sheep are too dumb and too lazy to allow their brains to understand more than what they want to believe. That cognitive dissonance be so strong with Beyonce Stans. I don’t stan anyone that hard. Following celebrities blindly is exactly what they want us to do. I know some people who jump on anything beyonce does. She could get on IG live and blow her nose and they would faint 😫

  3. I understand why people feel the way they do about the film but as soon as I seen it was on Disney I knew what was up. Nothing about that film coming from Beyoncé made me feel uplifted or that it was even coming from a good place. Disney of all places after all the rumors and conspiracy theories 😕😳.
    I feel like she laughing at us with her non smiling ass.
    FYI her photos and films creep me out post 2018. Sis lost her smile

    1. You’re 💯. I had to watch it in increments. It was so evil. It made me uncomfortable to watch but I had to show my niece why Disney is evil. And after watching it she saw this in a whole different light.

  4. Beyonce has people’s attention right now with this because with everything going on. At this moment with so much hate towards Blacks to see beautiful “representations” of us is “refreshing.” And let’s be honest she did a good job of pushing whatever agenda she has in a really pretty visual way. So in a time of high emotion people really don’t want to think that Beyonce would use the motherland, Africa for some evil. But we know how she gets down. How she can take something pure and make it evil. I think it was smart of you to show Beyonce’s version of the African head piece vs the Actual African head piece. Why would she make her horns more outlandish than what the Actual African head piece has? It is really sad that she had to go this route. But at this point I don’t expect anything better from her or the rest of Hollyweird.

  5. I swear people worship Beyonce more than they worship they parents 😑 she been evil and will continue to do evil Shut until her time comes. She gone make blue push agendas when she should just be enjoying her life as a child 🙄 the sleep will stay sleep

  6. G, I agree with everything that you said. It is sick how people will walk to the end of the earth to defend their beloved Beyonce. I haven’t watched the full video or the movie because I refuse to be pulled in to her sick agenda. People need to wake up and see that she’s putting it in your face now 😒 The fee clips posted on ig was enough to know what time she is on.

  7. I don’t know a last album I felt wasn’t satanic by Giselle. Probably the 1st solo record & some of the 2nd. After that, IASF & beyond has been nothing but Satan, Devil worshipping & demons in there

    Ppl don’t want to hear the truth when you say the Carters & their satanism, their clout chasing or their smoke & mirrors, the music not being good anymore that you have to hop on existing artists already successful single for buzz on a remix, the sabotage, the expensive productions to overcompensate for the terrible artistry & forgettable music as of late but FINALLY ppl are waking up

    Also w/or w/out the Devil references, BIK still flopped. Ppl are up on game w/Giselle. All these articles over-hyping her projects the moment it comes out as the best thing since slice bread, however the numbers don’t lie. & the numbers say this weekend their subscribers watched everything BUT BIK

    Quarantine where millions have nothing to do but stream wasn’t interested in watching it. Which speaks volumes. Also ppl are over Giselle trying to profit over the latest movement & being phony. Also, Tina Lawson needs to stop speaking on her daughter’s behalf bc it makes things significantly worse for the both of them

    Tina also is secretly a Rihanna fan when she couldn’t even own posting Rihanna’s “pull up” video & took it down either after Giselle or the Hive came for her when it was completely positive

    Perhaps if the hive stopped bullying everyone online that has any critique of their fave that doesn’t praise or worship her or beg ppl to give BIK a perfect rating instead of actually streaming it, the numbers would be a tad bit better than less than 4% of the subscribers on a new streaming service watching

    The truth always comes out. Also if your Adidas line allegedly sold out in January, wouldn’t you rush to increase the inventory on the line to keep making money? It’s been 9months & it’s crickets once again for yet another abysmal attempt @ a clothing line

    Rihanna literally is dropping Lingerie, makeup, fashion every month & now skincare is added to the list so you can’t do the limited edition excuse bc still that would indicate you had more product to sell

    I mean the commercials for BIK every hour on every station should’ve been a red flag that ppl aren’t interested. Hamilton has been out over a month & I only saw commercials when it debuted yet it’s still getting lots of viewers & increases their album sales

    It wasn’t lost on me either Giselle re-released this flop album from a year ago calling it a deluxe edition when the only thing that changed was the album cover.

    Making Jay her brand being a couple & him being her manager were terrible career decisions. Also, her jealousy & insecurities of other women killing it vs lighting a fire in herself to improve her music & the stunts, over the top productions & visual albums aren’t going to work anymore.

    Sabotaging others isn’t working anymore. The hive tried so hard to shade Fenty Skin when it was already sold out. I’ve used Fenty Skin & my Face is smooth already after 1 use

    Yeah Lemonade created buzz until it came out the numbers from Tidal were inflated & was literally impossible to stream the album that many times in such a short window

    1. Ms. Tina needs to stop seriously. When I saw she posted Rihanna i was like ok, but didn’t know she took it down😕. She’s been defending them since jay lost that damn Grammy. She talking bout Beyonce wanted to tell the real story like wth that shit ain’t even half.

  8. Thanks for this G. The whole world is seeing the real her. A womans obsession with money, that she worships the Devil full time plus her thinking we are stupid not see all the shit from her music videos.

  9. I read all of what your saying, to me it sounds like your rambling. I understand that their are evil forces out there, I get it and How does being half black & half Trini have to do with you knowing about African culture more than other people 😒😒😒. That right there sounded dumb as fuck in my opinion. That’s like me saying I am 50% Black & 50% Jamaican like Jamaican is a race and not a country.. Don’t get me wrong I believe Beyoncé is only about herself And would stop at nothing to remain on top.but please Chile 😄😄😄😄

  10. Who gives a fuck about Beyoncé and her casting spells or whatever tf she does, y’all Christians should no better y’all give wayy to much credit to the “devil”. We’re still descendants of the dogon, Yoruba, ifa, Kemet, Gnosticism & so much more. I also come from a Caribbean background so I’m aware of the heavy catholic influences as well as Obeah and it’s origin and foundation..It’s really amazing to see how melanated people not only dislike themselves & they’re history & mystery but will aid in their own dehumanization and demonization.
    Y’all love marvel & hate Yoruba.
    Love Thor but hate ogun.

  11. I don’t think bey is a saint & I believe she’s taken an oath & has some Zionist hand stuck up her ass but my dislike for beyonce is not going to make me blind to some of the truths presented in this film… other than the fuckery of bey jay Disney and the industry are we not royalty? Are we not one with God? Are we that stupid as a people that we would see beyonce with horns on and decide we’re gonna start worshipping the devil today? Like come tf on we’re better than that

  12. Can the deciphers and conspiracy theories get their own blog?? I pay for tea, not a lesson on your opinions on theology and comparisons of people who believe occultism is evil. I love the blog and have supported for years, but the conspiracy things should have their own page for that content so people who wanna eat up conspiracy theories can follow. If you separate everything else (heavens content, industry advice), please give the religion and conspiracy theories their own subscription. Everyone who subscribes and pays and supports you doesn’t want to receive this content.

  13. The fact that she partnered with Disney was red flag number one. Her fans are under a trance. Even the spiritual ones defending her.

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