October 3, 2022

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23 thoughts on “Hot Takes 8/4/2020

  1. Please drop the sugar on why Nicki and Meg fell out. I don’t think it’s over the collab per se. Could it be bc Meg was clowning Cardi on Ig awhile back about not writing her own music now she has a song with her?

    Is Michael B still trying to win his black women fanbase back? Linking up with Meg isn’t going do that.

  2. This blog made me like Nicki more after learning about the industry I can see where she be coming from when she throw her shade but Nicki should’ve waited to do a song with meg. All Meg do is say she want to be on a song then boom she on a song with people she want.

    Kim and Kanye are funny as shit. We told both they asses😭

    Oh Tory gone have something in store for meg ass. He doesn’t go down without a fight. I feel like it’s going to get messy.

    Rob loves the hoes.

    Let’s see what Cardi talking about when was her last song? Her and meg just in the same boat to me. What’s the update on her bestfriend Star?

  3. I hope Nicki is at peace. Entertainment industry is a sacrifice in itself. Unfortunately neither Megan nor Cardi have the smarts to have longevity. Shelf life is probably no more than 5 years. The best they can do is invest properly so they’re not broke. Migos ship has sailed already…

    1. Bunny better be careful. Even though she is the oldest DeBarge sibling that don’t mean the rest of siblings won’t spill the truth about the twins.

      1. Isn’t the story that Bunny’s twins are by either her father or one of the brothers??

      2. I guess I need to read her book. I heard the father was sexually abusing one of the sons. I think it was Bobby and he was sexually abusing one of the younger brothers. He was probably messing with Bunny too. It’s sad

  4. Now what happened between Megan and Nicki?! Why can’t she maintain friendships with these women? Now I’m starting to think they’re all the problem🤦🏽‍♀️

    1. Oh no! What happened to Meg and Nicki?! Why is Nicki always falling out with everyone.🤦🏾‍♀️

      Not surprised Tory got deported. This is a huge mess for him. SMH!

      Don’t believe anything that Brittany parents say. What they did to that woman is despicable.

      I am genuinely not sure if Cardi has a the power to create another hit. 🤷🏾‍♀️ We’ll see… She is always in some F***k shit that turned alot of people off.

  5. More than likely the girls are done because of two things…the collab and don’t forget G said they are about to put meek and Meg together smh. It was good while it lasted

  6. G did you hear about Zonnique being pregnant ? It’s a photo of her on ig posing for people magazine with a baby bump 😳

  7. G I feel like you made this up about Nicki and Megan I have noticed that you guys are on Cardi side now. And she even wished Heaven daughter happy birthday

  8. Does meg & Nicki have anything to do with her bein managed by roc nation now ? Jay & bey told her to distance herself from nicki ? Or is it something personal?

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