September 30, 2022

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29 thoughts on “Exclusive: The Real Reason Nicki Minaj and Nas Split Up

  1. Nas is zaddy.. he so fine and looks like he never ages.. I cannot see him and lauryn getting together tho

  2. So you telling me this woman can show up to mind a relationship she not I. But can’t show up for the business that pays her . Damn show up to a damn show .

  3. Meek just wreck havoc everywhere he go. He like a fungus that won’t go away. And now look where we are, Nicki pregnant by the criminal and meek got a baby with another chick while still stalking and shading Nicki when he don’t get his way. Smfh

  4. Not shocked about anyone Nas has been with after learning about him and Amy Winehouse…I heard he loved him some her God rest her soul…

  5. I always said Nas & Nick could’ve been powerful but I honestly don’t think Nicki was into him like that. I think he was a childhood crush but once she got him, she didn’t want him. I can’t stand Meek aka Rango with his ugly ass.

  6. Always wanted to know what truly happened. And it makes sense because I remembered he said to some extent in an interview that he believed Meek wanted to get back or he really loved her or something to that effect. I really liked them together 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. Let’s be real, Nikki and Nas didn’t work out because Nas has a small penis. Once you go big, too hard to go back. Ijs…

    1. I was really thinking the same. She’s a Sag. Sex and sometimes Dominance is very important so if she not happy or satisfied she out. Nas is fineeeeeeee but he always strikes me as boring to an extent.

    2. Brim–I forgot about that! I heard Nas was small too. Meek still corny, but damn. I forgot about that ans that makes sense. 🤦🏾‍♀️

  8. Imagine you have Nas in your left hand and …Meek Mill???? in your right. And……you even LOOKED at your right hand?? Like….You had the opportunity to be with Nas!! Nasir!!! One of the most beautiful brothers out here and educated, cultured, and spiritual on top of all of that???

    And then there is Meek Mill. Umm. Okay girl.

  9. Never understood how celebrities relations can grow cold because of LPN distance , when they have the resources.

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