September 30, 2022

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40 thoughts on “Decipher Black is King Beyonce’ Part 1

  1. Hmm some of this i believe some of it i don’t I’ve did my own research on Kali and other gods and goddess and i don’t believe that part to be demonic however i do believe she prays to the devil yes a witch of course i call myself a witch do i pray to the devil absolutely tf not u can tell she practices black magic

    1. Yeah I love this blog but the was literally offensive to my religion. Kali Durga’s whole story is about killing demons. Consult with people who practice the religion before posting offensive stuff.

      1. How you get the video in the comments? I didn’t know a link would work in the comment section.

  2. Yes. The sheople are ragging bc some are criticizing Black is King. They claim that its hate against B and she is just reppin our people. What the sleeping fail to realize is she is like the devil. He morphs himself in the very thing you really desire, to make him more appealing. I will never understand how people love and trust in a stranger they have never met or know. How many times have famous people been caught doing something illegal, dangerous, killed or raped? Did people know they were capable of doing such things b4 being caught? No

  3. Nah G what we need to stop doing as black people is give the narrative that white is right and Christianity is right. You can’t call on the god of your oppressor. I like Black is King. Bey did her thing. Do we know that she was intimidated in to the dark arts of the music industry? Yeah we know that but if it has taken her time (up until Lemonade) to find her roots then so be it. Paying homage to our native African deities should be celebrated not hated on.

    1. Her main god she worships is still the Baphomet, hence why she had his symbolism amongst the symbolism of our African gods. She showed more of his symbolism than that of our African gods.

      1. Actually she didn’t. If you are referring to the clip where she is show in cows print with horns on her head, that’s her referencing the Goddess Hathor. There is nothing demonic about Hathor. This is how I know some of us really don’t take the time to learn about other religious philosophy outside of white Christianity. It really baffles me how we can down play a woman for acknowledging her own ancestral linage. Out of all the works she has created this far and even those were saw as “demonic” y’all NEVER hated on her this hard and that is sad. Indoctrination is real. Sad.

    2. It has nothing to do with “indoctrination” and everything to do with just tracing back all the times she’s shown who her god is. There is countless videos out there exposing and dissecting her lyrics and videos and showing what she really is saying. But NOW she’s just showing her pride? To say it’s all about indoctrination just shows that what she’s doing is working perfectly. Taking advantage of the social climate and the black power movement everyone is currently on and putting out her subliminals and profiting off of it. Just to run back and share the funds with the white folk who were behind this project actually.

      There’s a reason why many Africans were on twitter voicing their disapproval of the film & feeling like it was false representation and even some ALSO saying demonic. Forget what the Americans who’ve never stepped foot in the motherland are saying, if natural born Africans weren’t feeling it that should really tell you something.

    3. I agree 100% those same Christian that rape & murdered millions of people in the name of Jesus.. slaves were beat into submission to worth a white christ..

    4. Beyonce worships the Baphomet regardless of my personal feelings for her I would not want a black woman to be into this However, you have to face reality I love Rihanna, but she sold her soul her soul too so did the K’s so did Taylor, so Did Ariana so it;s everyone that took the oath. if you think all of those artist took the oath but Beyonce didn’t then I am sorry to tell you you are the sad one love

      1. G, i appreciate that you gave me a response and I respect the content you and your team bring but I just can’t throw the baby out with the bath water. And you know her and understand how the industry is ran. I choose to believe that through her art (and no I’m not a stan) she did her best to pay homage to the culture nothing more nothing less. And what you or I can read into is on us. Respectfully.

  4. People need to do some non biased research. The occult is not all evil and if you believe that it includes tarot readings doesn’t it? Js, conspiracy theorists and the rush to call everything demonic are just as bad as “sheeple”. As someone who has literally lived, breathed and studied this my entire life not only here but in Europe, we need to stop demonizing ATRs. That only further perpetuates the stereotype of black being something bad. You don’t have to participate just because you educated yourself. But true education goes a long way. This was the story of becoming an ancestor, connecting to them, and honoring the Orissas… who if they’re so evil why did they comfort and guide Jesus when he was on the cross? I’m far from a Beyoncé Stan but I see how the video went over so many peoples heads.

    Anyways, hopefully people go find the truth from people who actually are in the occult (not evil, it’s the hidden practices because for centuries we’ve had to hide our beliefs due to persecution by colonizers) and have the knowledge to share the real truth. It’s a full moon I got some rituals to perform. ✌🏼 Rethink those tarot cards since you think it’s all satanic 🤷🏼‍♀️ I’ll see myself out 😘

    1. The occult may not be evil for if you do not worship the devil or for G who does tarot readings but we are talking about BEYONCE here and she is down with the baphomet which is what? Demonic. And the message she is spreading is not a good message, but it’s disguised as one.

  5. The queen of hidden in plain sight is back at it again and people know this. People are taking their personal uneasiness with the blog at the moment and suddenly turning a blind eye to the demonic symbolism disguised as black unity with this project. I figured after she said she would plug her bloody vagina with pages from the Bible people would catch the hint as to what she is on but I guess it’s still a blind eye.

    I’m loving seeing the many African natives calling out beyonce for constantly preaching about African culture but has never toured there, and I think some even said the project wasn’t available over there until people started circulating that on twitter, and then Disney + added it.

    I ain’t with anybody capitalizing on the social climate for their own financial gain just to go back and share the wealth they made off said project with white people instead of the same people they just put on a pedestal.

    1. Yes I was just thinking about when she said she plugs her menses with pg from the holy book. Her mama always got something to say when her daughter not number 1 but did she say anything about that hell no I just want them to go away. I’m so happy solange be in her own lane.

    2. Yes, I’m glad African people are speaking out. They are not a monolithic people. You can’t just throw on animal print and say you’re paying homage to Africans no more than you can say you’re wearing bamboo earrings to pay homage to black folks/African Americans.

      She will capitalize off any culture she can. I’ve been feeling this way about her when she suddenly jumped aboard the black lives matter train all late in 2016. Sis, where you been? The deaths, brutality and overall unfair treatment has been happening way before BLM was trendy.

      If she really cared she would have been “bout it” during the death of Sean Bell and Jena 6 back in 2006; Rekia Boyd, Tamir Rice, Eric Garner, Mike Brown… she didn’t do her black panther tribute at the Super Bowl/Lemonade album until 2016. Why wait 10+ years? Do you know how exhausted those of us who truly cared about the movement were by 2016?! 🤔

      She’s not authentic period. You don’t have to hate you just have to observe. 🤷🏾‍♀️

      1. Exactly BLM became a big joke and corporation to gain money for the masters because the areas I see day by day people still needs help.

  6. I refuse to watch it now or in future, deleting everyone that reposts on my timelines. It’s steeped with demonic references.

  7. I wanted to see black is king at first, but when I saw the ‘already’ video it was too much movement. It wasn’t enough calmness for me. Beyoncé can’t dance and idk what happened to the little voice she had but I don’t like it. She always strained her voice and I honestly don’t think she’s that great of a singer never did. Once the Beyoncé album came out I saw a different side of her like ok she’s human like us, I started to have a open mind to her now she’s just proving why I ain’t like her in the first place. Also I saw people in the comments were saying she may be channeling our ancestors but our ancestors believed in a lot of things that weren’t right to follow and they probably didn’t even know what they were doing back then. I thought that was an interesting take on the whole ancestor thing.

    1. I would have like to see clips of her talking to spiritual people of Africa actually explaining to the world the importance of our ancestors and voodoo and all the good stuff instead of someone telling us that’s what they do and then start channeling them like I’m supposed to be ok and follow because you said it I think tf not. Idc about any of this I know who I believe in. Also so is tarot good or evil cuz at this point I can’t listen to anyone. No one knows shit.

  8. I am not pressed to watch ‘Black is King’ solely because who is behind the project. The music industry and its popular puppet who has no originality and likes to jump on bandwagons. Because of who is behind it is why I question the project not the message that is supposed to be connived. There is a LOT of symbolism and a demonic undertone to all of her projects in the past 5 years or so. But if folks can’t see that then honestly idk why their on this blog lol. Honoring our ancestors, acknowledging native cultures, and practices is not the same as worshiping the dark energy in this world.

    1. I agree, that is why sometimes people just need to keep the past in the past, digging up old shit is causing to much misunderstanding in this world. It’s like the blind leading the blind.

  9. I watched it and the visuals were nice. Here is the thing and I have said this before, I don’t think that ALL the occult things(goddesses and etc) are naturally evil. Sure, there are many that were created only for pure evil, but not all. BUT I DO believe it is all in how a individual uses them. Some symbols can be dark because the person uses it for dark energy and evil. Beyonce is one of those people who we know does this. She can take a innocent diety and flip it for bad. This is why people need to look things up for themselves. Even when it comes to the Bible. That is why you should have your own personal relationship with GOD because when someone comes with bullcrap the conviction in your spirit let’s you know it is a lie.

  10. – YOU ARE THE CREATOR – yes we are one with the creator.. how can we be separate from that which created us?
    – This film was NOT about using magic to gain riches, but instead to get back to your roots & know that you came from greatness and you ARE and always have BEEN the riches.
    – Horns have always been a symbol of enlightenment/self realization
    – the serpent is a divine being symbolizing the kundalini; this entire movie is a kundalini/ chakra story
    – Voodoo/ Voodun is African spirituality / way of life (not all Africans practice it but it began in Africa) There’s absolutely nothing evil about voodoo other than the practitioners’ intention when using it.
    – Kali is a goddess of death; death is never an ending but a transformation/ transition; Kali purifies for renewal

    Idk what beys intentions were idk what she planned or agreed upon with whatever execs or elites but I refuse to give all that credit to some “Illuminati” that had to steal our shit & use it against us. Everything about this film was perfect timing if you understand true occultism, metaphysics & even cosmology (not that twisted hollywood occult shit)

    At a time like this the last thing we should be doing is demonizing our own mystery and cultures, misinforming each other & giving the same ones we deem evil all the credit. We are wayy better than that. Even if you couldn’t stomach the visuals what about the words spoken and sang? Smh

  11. Demonic ? Maybe . I’m ok with that . Primordial beings are real. They aren’t going anywhere no matter how much we allow ppl to associate what my ppl have been doing since the beginning of time As evil ….. oh well ignoring a spirit doesn’t make them disappear lol .

  12. I stopped reading at vodoo vodun is not traditional African spiritually. Who writes this crap. None of this is FACTUAL supported by anything. Its all speculation, opinion and misinformation.

    1. Thanks love for this post. I’ve only seen clips of that shit.
      That woman worships satan to be on top. Fuck that. Her fans are idiots

  13. I haven’t watched it yet…but see so many people comment about how the visuals actually made them feel uncomfortable I totally lost interest! Heard someone say they were watching and had to turn it off mid way because they felt almost as though their own spirit was being interrupted and felt as though they were inviting something into to their home and I was like nahhhhh okay won’t be watching that!!! Smh

  14. People here are WORSHIPPING BEYONCÉ and defending her to DEATH. SMH!

    I’m so thankful that Christ saved me from the bondage of sin and the enemy’s yolk!

    Beyoncé has never been vocal about being black, yet a documentary has you all so happy that she’s your saviour? Please. She’s “African-American” for purposes of an agenda.

    Praying for those that are deceived that God will truly open their eyes of understanding, remove the veils and their hardened hearts and turn to the only one who can save us from our sins – the Most High God – Yahweh/Jehovah who gave ya HIS ONLY begotten son Jesus Christ!

    I used to be an unbeliever, hated Christianity & also assumes it was the white man’s religion to oppression until I heard the beauty of the gospel! The ONLY message that saves! All of the other gods are works of man.

  15. I Honestly am saying this from the bottom of my heart, for those that continue to defend this woman, who clearly shows you time and time again who her God is, I’m gonna pray long and hard for you. 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
    #NOT JUDGING, but what else does she have to say or do to let you people know who she is and what she stands for??? Please do your history before coming at G for posting the truth. Yes everyone has a right to their opinion, but do not come for G when she knows exactly what she’s talking about.
    Please and Thank You!!
    #TEAM G💙

  16. I couldn’t finish watching Black is King…it felt very heavy. Black is King also seems like a spin on Kanye’s Jesus Is King except BIK is more like self worship.

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