October 5, 2022

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47 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/31

  1. Why is Ellen leaving tv?
    Jezebel can go idk why she was even asked to be on Disney Oh because they’re nvm
    Why did Tracey Morgan and his wife divorce?
    So Obama and joe aren’t down?
    Good for matt Barnes

    1. Ellen got cancelled every since last year due to the fact that Weistein dropped names. Now here is the pitch. A lot people think Trump dumb as a box of rocks. But that is way further from the truth. Trump is very very smart! His IQ is no damn joke either! Yall those mass arrests and names you see on that list is accurate. I fact check everything, and low and behold, it’s pretty much true. Now I see why the Old man and his best friend wanted me and my uncle to come by the Old man’s house so much. I understand why they sent me to Washington to gosee the Watergate. It made perfectly sense. It made perfectly sense when the military made me do triangle.

  2. I hope Travis wasn’t cheating.
    Will you be deciphering Black is King? I hope so!! I wasn’t all that impressed.
    I watched a few minutes of Ellen today. Not sure if it was a rerun or not but Ellen looked defeated.

  3. What’s demonic about it? I seen African culture. I think your bias for her is way to strong to judge anything she does, but praise Kim and Khloe and the other culture vultures. Thank god I don’t take y’all to seriously.. some things are on point other times it just seem like come on.. 😑😑😑 but also bash kayne for telling his truth.

    1. I get what you’re saying but there was a lot of Baphomet symbolism and 666 signs on the eye moments. Intentional? Idk but it was there

      1. It was so much evil in that video i was Like man they just all the way out with it now. And also now that i kno wats wat i spot It everytime! When I saw Them dam horns…man Giselle is gone and ain’t ever coming back smh

      2. I saw screencaps and I’m like sheesh, do I need to pray and burn some sage before and after I watch it?? LOL

  4. Good for them but now it just seems like Anansa doesn’t have her other kids around much 🤔🥴. I hope this isn’t the case.

  5. That crazy you say there was demonic symbol I was going to watch but I’m going to take a range check. There is you tuber going in on Beyonce black is king I wish I could add here so you can check it out.

  6. After all of this coming out, I figured Ellen would throw in the towel. May as well before the rest of the dirt rolls out to the general population.

    The ONLY reason I want to watch Black is King is for the visuals. Because the songs sound like typical Beyonce. Now I am gonna have to be on alert to see what she trying to do…smh.

    Tamar needs to Stop. She said She wanted to be free and now She is. It doesn’t matter how it got there, just be happy you got it 🙄🙄.

    1. Ellen been threw in the towel, she didn’t have a choice. Hers and Oprah tribunals are coming up.

  7. One of the photos from black is king that is in heavy circulation on IG …. SHE LOOKS LIKE BAPHOMET with the horns …. seen a chick on IG saying this means she’s the GOAT …. BIH ARE YOU DUMB!!! Ion know no GOATS that look like that! 🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️ this lady could shit Rocks and stones and ppl would swear it’s DIAMONDS ion understand it …. I just can’t rap my mind around it. 😒😒😒 Basically my whole TL is of her and commentary on all her various outfits…. Did anyone notice that Michelle isn’t in it? I haven’t watched it and don’t plan on it … But Kelly posted about participating in this amazing work of art blah blah blah blah …. So that made me go look on poor little Michelle’s page …. Nothing but a photo in her story of Beyoncé In some animal print get up…. I just don’t know what to make of all this. 🤔 why leave lil Michelle out of this HUGE MASS MAJOR PRODUCTION??? 🤔🤔

    1. Michelle would rather save her soul so she’s not included in rituals. That video is full of symbolism she wanted no parts.

      1. I know that’s rigghhtttttt! Michelle ain’t losing her Heavenly crown for that mess!

    1. They been outed every since last year. Obama ended up dead on 9/29/19 at GITMO. Clinton don’t know when he got punished.

  8. I got something to tell yall about the Vanderbilt family. Yall, can look it up, but it is 100% true! When I tell yall this, yall will think I am literally crazy, but I am telling yall the truth!

    1. Girl give us the tea on the Vanderbilt’s..they are jus off to me..especially after finding out the paintings Podesta has is “allegedly” of the Vanderbilts pool.

  9. Ch…..nobody not even the hive care about BIK. Per usual like every Giselle project
    Is overhyped & some check it out for a time or two, then it’s crickets again

    They’re too busy worried about what Rihanna is doing. & instead of the hive demanding better music & original ideas from Giselle or supporting one of her 5 failed clothing lines, they turn any criticism to make it about dragging Rihanna down

    What I don’t understand is if Giselle & her fanbase think that Rihanna is so untalented, why the obsession w/her for 15 years? They know more about her skin care line, Savage Fenty & Fenty Beauty. Perhaps it’s closet fans who pretend to be something else on
    SM bc hatred attracts attention

    I have no desire to see BIK. There was a reason it didn’t sell a year ago & im glad Noname called out the nonsense. Don’t need to see the devil worshipping, her using
    Kelly Rowland when it suits her agenda & now befriending the morally corrupt Naomi Campbell who Rihanna cut ties w/years ago

    Glad Michele pays the nonsense dust.
    Some things aren’t worth selling your soul for

    I was hoping this thing w/Tamar was legit but now I fear it wasn’t & was simply to get out of her contract. A shame Toni putting herself through all this stress for sisters who do the most for attention. I always found it odd only Toni was at the hospital & the other sisters didn’t bother to come to LA & were busy on SM partying & promoting their products

    Reality TV was never intended to put ppl in a positive light, including the dating shows. & they especially don’t mind showing black women look crazy so again I’m not sure why Tamar is so shocked

    Anansa getting back w/a man who did a video & told the world right before quarantine he & is kids are uncomfortable w/your kids & the the times you’re w/him now is @ the expense of your other kids being around less & more w/their dad just so you can have sex w/the camera on the gram, be on demand sex for Matt & creepily film all day @ Matt’s Mansion. Didn’t Anansa claim Matt was abusing her when they broke up like she did w/those 200 court dates claiming abuse & a restraining order against her ex-husband? & didn’t Matt say this was a FWB turned insta-family?

    Remember back in February where Anansa did the BowWowChallenge & used google image & Pinterest photos pretending to be at All Star Weekend, pretending to being at the ritz Carlton w/some man to try to make Matt jealous?

    Why would you file restraining orders against baby daddies you say are abusive & that you’re scared of yourself & your kids life for only for them to be w/the kids more than you?

    For someone w/a Master’s, Anansa literally does nothing all day but film & stalk Matt Barnes

    Anansa apparently wants to have another baby w/Matt since he wants a girl.
    She doesn’t realize she’s being used for quarantine sex since she’s familiar p**** & unlimited access to his son. If it was serious, why not move her in again but instead got her a condo that’s walking distance down the street & has only been around her kids once since getting back together? This had potential initially, but Anansa was & IS still doing too much & acting like a stupid bird & unfortunately I don’t see this ending well for either person

    Quarantine is doing a number on these relationships & marriages. But in some cases some of these unions should’ve never happened to begin with. Quarantine simply accelerated the inevitable for them

    Even Emmitt Smith is getting a divorce too

  10. I mean it must jut Giselle Rihanna’s skin care line was already sold out during the presale & all the stunts Giselle attempts continues to fail miserably & her fans can’t bother to support

  11. I was not going to watch that… now I might just to have more ammo for the nonbelievers. I haven’t watched anything since Lemonade and that was SUPER demonic to me. I really don’t like the energy she puts out in these visuals.

  12. Kayla will be back with Travis next week 🙄, she deletes their pics every few months … I’m not buying it 😂

  13. Wowww I thought I was the only one who caught the symbolism in Black is King. smh they tried to sprinkle in some empowerment mixed with a whole lotta demon time shenanigans

  14. It’s not demonic it’s actually African culture. Research and learn your history instead of going by what’s fed to you from people that dont want you to know the truth! Reading is fundamental! Can’t even pay a lot of black folks to read now but back in the day we got punished and killed for it….smh

    1. No you want to believe it’s African culture because you are a Beyonce fan However, i was in the industry I know about hidden symbolism and to be honest when she is walking around with the Baphomet on her head you really do not have to be that bright to know what this is about.,so please save that research bit. Do your research BEYONCE worships and works for the elites who worship Lucifer case closed


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