September 30, 2022

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19 thoughts on “Nothing But The Truth Ghislaine Maxwell, Meek Mill, Nicki Minaj

  1. I seriously have a hard time thinking that Nicki would entertain meek after all the BS. If she did then she’s a lost cause in the love department as far as I’m concerned. This man claimed she enabled her brother with his abuse on children, said she was going broke, and has taken constant jabs at her. And if it was because he was in feelings cause she was entertaining him behind the scenes, that should show her when he ain’t getting his way how low he is willing to stoop in the public eye knowing how people get negative toward her & will drag her for anything.

  2. If 2020 were a quote it would be “what you do in the dark comes to light”. Cause everything is coming full circle smh

      1. Erica, That is a CGI. That was already taped. Barry has been executed since S3pt 20nineteen. Hell, if you go on You Tube and pulled up ‘Alice Down The Rabbit Hole’ community page and look at the 2 Johnny Depp’s. You can thank me in January 2021. Gotta get ready for this hurricane.

      2. The man just died how can that have already been taped? That man just died recently and according to these conspiracy theorist Obama has been dead for weeks

  3. Well it’s almost 1am- where can I find the info on Ms Maxwell?? Let me stop being aggy… I know that is a heavy thing to unpackage. I’ll be waiting for you guys! Lol

    I know The KK and Rob K family are your faves… but I’m surprised that you’re surprised/hurt, any of this is happening. Y’all BEEN told us this was going to happen! Also, has anyone thought of the fact that WHAT HE WAS SAYING about him mother in law and North, was part of a “deal”… like she’s his first born… maybe that’s why??

    Speaking of things of that nature, has anyone considered that the biggest scandals around Nicki have been about “offenders”? Meaning, the fact that her alter ego, is literally named after a Hollywood big wig that has flown to Paris and never set foot back in American soil, to avoid abuse of minors charges… maybe that is why her name is synonymous with it? Not negating the fact that her brother was proven to have done it. Y’all might say my theories are OUT THERE, but y’all put put me on to the possibilities and craziness that comes with super stardom. I like Nicki… more than ever now… she’s a tough cookie… it’s just a thought…

    Ellen- BYE… no one can convince me that it’s NOT way more to it ,than issues at the Workplace… you bern an asshole for YEARS… after watching the videos with the the codes .. especially the card games and puzzles and the crying video that was taken down .. EVEN THOUGH … everyone though it was about BLM.. but she NEVER SAID IT… and if it was. Why was it removed??

    Anyways- enough of my bi-weekly long ass post…

    Have a great weekend ICYDK fam!!

  4. Like Meek would really say no that’s not truth, the man losing his mind and obsessed with that woman. I don’t believe nothing he say about Nicki at this point, dude have real female traits! Tht nigga abusive!!!!

  5. LOL the TEA.

    I honestly do NOT believe a second that Nicki and Meek are/ were seeing each other. That man is obsessed with her and shades her every chance he gets. I do not believe anything he says about her, he needs some serious help…She has stated several times that the relationship was toxic and abusive. And the way she went AGAINST him in February leads me to believe that there is no way that she’s entertaining his clown ass. (I really hope she keeps IGNORING HIM)
    I also believe that she seems happier and more at peace right now.

  6. Meek is annoying why would he send those eyes to Jayde like she caught them in action lol. You just never know. I doubt Nicki trying but she did the same thing to safaree with meek. We’ll see!

    Kim and Kanye funny as hell. The thing is Kanye can live alone and not be seen. Kim is use to living in the light and people being around. Wyoming is too quiet for her, it will wake up her demons and she’ll be the one going crazy. I honestly wouldn’t leave my land either. This nigga really got a ranch. Welp as long as they work it out with the children and keep it cool who gives a….this time apart is needed.

  7. Yeah I think I would be crazy to believe that Meek shit for all we know he planted that rumour! His abusive stalking ads can’t get over her and this could mess up her current relationship. Also she sounds like she despises that man now. The tone she used in her voice talking to him in that video and that twitter argument. I can see her reaching out to safaree CARDI all that before some damn meek at this point. & I bet his ass would post them eyes insinuating it. Smh if he cared about her and them talking were true why would he put her like that Given her situation. I’m calling his bluff. Lil weird ass

  8. Nicki is so unlucky in love lol. My main thought by is why would she and why does she continue to associate herself with sex offenders let alone marrying one and getting pregnant. I understand the industry is full of them and maybe she doesn’t see the problem but it’s like…you’re NICKI MINAJ why put yourself through this just because you knew this man back in the day. I’m starting to think she was replaced or put under MK to fuck up her own image because there is no sane reason I can come up with as to why she allowed herself to fall so hard. So many women in the industry let a man trip them up. She was better if going back to Safaree and looking stupid for maybe a year but people would’ve gotten over it, her music would be better and probably would’ve been happier a long time ago. She gives me very forced happy actively ignoring the things people say about her husband and his past yet lowkey forcing him on us like he’s just some angel who came into her life. All the while telling us how real of a bitch she is 🥴🥴. Isn’t she baby momma number 6 as well? It’s so messy

    1. Idk when it comes down to people in relationships and who they fall for I mind my bness cuz I can’t pick the right ones either😂

  9. Oooh, wouldn’t that be some tea if Nicki’s baby turned out to be Meeks??? Mannnnnnnn

    Ghislane has lasted longer than I thought she would. I want to see the names in these indictments. It’s time to shake up Hollywood.

  10. I just know that celebs truly truly believe, that they are above the law. Treating people like shit, abusing children, sacrificing human lives for money & Fame etc. Do they really think they can get away with All this??

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