October 3, 2022

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15 thoughts on “Hot Takes 7/28/2020

  1. That was extremely hard to watch Megan talk about being an orphan and address her trauma. Btw I really hope Kim and Ye work through this.

  2. I still believe someone called 50 and told him to apologize, especially if Meg took offense to him laughing at her. This man has said plenty messed up things about many people including his own child but Meg is the one he feels remorse for? Can’t make an example out of draya and not 50.

    Milano deserves better than a man who harps on his ex girlfriend 24/7 so good for her.

    For what reason would Meg’s friends unfollow Kelsey? Is she taking Tory side behind the scenes or something? Interesting…

    Kim need to let this be and call for that divorce. She’s trying to help and he’s fighting her on it. It ain’t like if they divorce she gonna fade out, she just gonna go on to find and marry another rich man. If anything Kim has been keeping Kanye in the limelight after all these shenanigans he’s pulled over the years.

  3. Reading in between the lines you’re saying Kelsey may had a part to play in shooting her. I noticed they weren’t hanging out for awhile. Friends go through that though. Megan asked for fame tho.

  4. I had to think about this Kim and Kanye situation on a deeper level. So Kim’s dad told her to divorce her first husband because he was abusive and said if she don’t he won’t claim her anymore. We all knows how much she loves her dad. Fast forward to her marriage with Kanye he’s the only man ever in her life after her dad to actually make her change certain things. You really think she’s leaving him. I doubt it. They need a man to put they foot down sometimes. If y’all listen to the Ye album Kanye Spoke on all this 2 years ago. I really think he just had a spazzing moment after you try the nice route and everyone just brushes you off. Then when you go off it’s ohhh ok everyone listen lol. My thing is if he’s so mental and having an manic episode. Kim why are you letting him drive you around. They were arguing Kim crying because her feelings are hurt and she’s a softy.

  5. So now Meg’s people are unfollowing the friend Kelsey. There are too many twists in this drama to pin it all on Tory. Nobody cooperating and they are quietly dropping folks by the way side. When the REAL story drop about what happened in that car everyone will be shocked.

    Yeah, I think Kim is gonna try for a conservatorship over Kanye. You hate to see it.

    1. Kelsey tweeted. I was there when it happened,& it wasn’t me. Her mother went on a rant talking about, she’s mad bcuz her daughter won’t speak on it, but she’s ( the mother) will tell it all

  6. It could also mean that she chose to speak out because of tory birthday not because of covid 19 which I don’t believe she has or had it

  7. This whole situation with Meg is so weird. I’m still trying to figure out where the 4th person went. I swear all 4 doors were open on that truck but we only saw Tory, Kelsey, and Meg. The only thing I could think of is maybe Torys new artist Davo was in the vehicle with them and he took tf off. Davo was out there in LA doing “industry stuff” and taking pics in Hidden Hills and Tory references him as his “twin” since they sing alike. I’ve seen his IG and he plays with guns too lol. To me it would make sense for him to be with them since he’s trying to break in the industry and I mean Kelsey was there so…🤷🏽‍♀️ But I could be wrong just a thought.

  8. I question anytime I see a celebrity crying on camera. Where were they? In Wyoming… he said he had 4K acres of land and some how a camera caught Kim in tears while Ye was yelling… Even if they were in Calabasas celebrities know how to avoid the paparazzi for a private conversation. I’m not buying what the Kardashians are selling🤷🏾‍♀️

  9. I was talking about this Meg thing earlier, and I really REALLY do not buy the story that she was shot. Watching the video of her getting out of the car, it just doesn’t make sense. Now any normal person who has just been shot (in her feet!)..when ordered out of a car, would be in so much pain, that as soon as they got out of the car…drop to the ground and scream to the officers..*please officers, I’ve been shot* or at least *I’m badly injured and I cant walk* but she just quietly hobbled on over, followed directions..never said a word. I really believe that was flying glass.

  10. im sorry but the coronavirus about meg and the kylie jenner story makes no sense to me. She couldve claimed vocal injury, mental health, migraines, literally anything if she needed to be out the public eye for 2 weeks. Why claim to be shot & ruin another artists reputation in the process? i know yall love the trashians but honestly dont get the feeling this was a lovers quarrel or jealousy on megs behalf.. lets just wait & see bc these stories sound ridiculous.

  11. Milano is it’s true needs to keep seeing the other men on the low . Meek ain’t shit for what he did , why 50 gota think everything is a joke

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