October 4, 2022

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31 thoughts on “The Truth Behind The Kanye Tweets and The Beef With Kris Jenner Part 2

  1. I love that Kanye is keeping the KKK’s on their toes. Nobody can predict what Kanye will say or do next whether or not he’s on his meds

    Ppl should’ve listened to him when he spilled about the Carters which came out to be true

    There’s blame on both sides though

    Kanye for trying to think he could make it work w/a woman whose famous for a sex tape & playboy. & Kim bc she wanted more fame & access to A-List events through Kanye’s connections & still chose to marry & have kids w/him knowing his mental issues & the likelihood @ least one of their kids will have those traits passed down

    Let’s not act like the KKK aren’t strategic w/the BM they select that have family & mental health issues in hopes to control them & when things go left, they do the same smear campaign approach

    Except in 2020 that isn’t going to work anymore. Its a new time & ppl are no longer silent about exposing those who exploit black ppl for money or trying to play victim & make black ppl the bad guy

    & ppl have been tired of the KKK profiting off of black ppl

    It’s best they quickly negotiate a divorce/custody arrangement ASAP or he will continue to spill tea

    I do think Kanye is onto something about being concerned about North being groomed. How many of these celebs have been exploiting their kids w/the gender neutral movement or them being oversexualized in general?

    & if they do something to Kanye like he referenced them killing MJ for the Tommy Mattola comments who do you think they’ll look first?

    But @ the same time this shouldn’t be a surprise to Travis & Kanye either bc they knew who they were having sex with

    Who knew Kanye has wanted a divorce since the Meek/Kim alleged hookup? Nobody knew that intel

    The only thing I need clarity on is the Larsa/Drake/Kim tweets. Did they have a threesome? Is he confirming Drake/Kim happened or that Kim/Larsa hooked up?

    & It isn’t list on me the public smear campaign the KKK did on Jordyn Woods about Trimester Tristan but quietly “distance themselves” from Larsa. & Khlogre still is entertaining Tristan’s foolishness when he cheats on any woman that doesn’t look like her. & if she’s staying so any future kids have the same father, she’s just enabling a more screwed up parenting structure

    This is why ppl think the KKK are racists bc they vilify the black ppl but give their own or their adjacent-own a pass when the do the same thing

    1. Kanye ain’t been the same since he sacrificed his mom,he been off before kim was even in the picture.yall love blaming the Kardashians for everything wrong that happens to any man they date.lamar Odom even spoke good on kloe because she was good to him,she ain’t get that man on drugs.you remember when chris brown was havin his bi polar episodes about karrueche claiming shit about her too right and she forgave him because she knew he was havin a episode and so did he,but kanye refusing to take his damn meds and not gettin help and he publicly humiliating his damn wife and this is her fault?black ppl really need to start holding are own accountable for shit.kanye arrogant asf he went from referring himself as Jesus to tryna be a damn gospel rapper to now he wana be the damn president!kim been nothin but good to that man she should been left his ass he embarrassing asf.

      1. You completely missed the part where I explained there’s to blame on BOTH sides & that they each got w/eachother for the wrong reasons

        Kanye’s obsession w/Kim & thinking this marriage ever had a chance of lasting & Kim wanting access to A-List events thinking this Union would have any chance of being “normal”

        Nobody every blamed the KKK’s for whether or not Kanye takes his meds or his mental health issues. But you can’t tell me he doesn’t know some of the things they do behind the scenes that hasn’t helped things

        WHY would he be concerned about the KKK’s sexualizing his daughter when they see what the girls in that family are subjected to?

        My POINT is there’s been other times Kanye has been off his meds, said problematic & anti-black comments & KKK’s stayed mute but are only involved now bc he’s spilling their tea

        They absolutely have to take some accountability knowingly getting involved w/a man who has nothing to lose w/mental health issues (the same thing Jada did w/August) who hasn’t gave a damn about his image in a long time

        Kanye is responsible for Kanye, HOWEVER Donda passed away well before Kim & him were married w/kids so to dismiss the KKK’s as if they had no idea Kanye could go off the rails when he’s had outbursts before is silly to me

        You’re literally defending yt women who befriend BW, sleep w/their men then dispose of them & blame them when something goes left.

        Name one normal relationship any of the KKK’s have been in

        & they do the same routine when something doesn’t work out w/the BM they deal with: ask Reggie Bush & Kris Humphries how they really get down

        We’ve been holding black ppl accountable look @ cancel culture. But to absolve the KKK when they’ve remained quiet on Kanye plenty of times when he was in one of his episodes & want to make this all Kanye’s fault I simply can’t subscribe to that

        Kanye has showed plenty of times who he is & it’s these celebs choice on whether or not to deal w/him. But want to cry wolf when things go left w/him.

    2. Yes he keeping them on their toes. It’s funny because a person like him you gotta be ahead but how when he’s unperedictable. Ugh Kim and meek that’s gross.

    3. When it comes to cancel culture and black people – black women are cancelled quicker than black men for far less. Chrisette Michelle was vilified for singing at orange man’s inauguration. Kanye wears a maga hat, declares slavery was a choice and other foolishness but the majority will make excuses for him, try to explain what he meant, and can’t wait to stream his next album. I don’t get it and it’s wrong.

  2. This is sad as fuck. I fear for his life!! They really about to make sure he never sees those kids again and it’s breaking my heart. My question is, is there any validity to his tweets about Kim fucking meek ? And abt the white supremacy thing? My mind is blown fr.

  3. I feel bad for the kids, it would’ve been nice for the kids to experience a mom and dad at home with genuine peace and love. But, unfortunately this can not be. 2020 has really opened up not 1 can of worms but a whole bucket.

  4. When he tweeted about Drake I thought it was related to a post y’all did about Ye having beef with Drake because he stayed down the street from them and he didn’t trust Kim around him since he’s sexed the majority of her friends…

  5. Seems like Kanye is trying to tell us that his kids are in danger of some sort of exploitation. That much everyone should believe; especially if we can sit here and read it about every other celebrity and their kids and believe that.
    Kanye isn’t crazy, he just finally doesn’t give a fuck. Which also means something must’ve happened with him and the KarJenners right before this rally.

  6. Maybe that’s why meek and Milano unfollowed each other and he deleted all her pics off his page…things that make you go hmm 🧐

    1. She just posted a video promoting Meek’s music though, so she can’t be too mad…she said I need my coins lol

  7. To me it seems like Kanye left Kim. That’s why he went to Chicago and Wyoming. So it was true when it was reported Kim doesn’t agree with Kanye parenting🙄.

  8. Idk why people feel bad for kim. She KNEW he had mental issues. For better or worst remember? Im sure dealing with that family is no walk in the park anyways.

  9. I feel like I’m the only one who thinks he had an MK breakthrough. He seems like he’s going in and out of episodes and has moments of clarity. That’s why he’s spewing the truth while he can get it out. We don’t know what kind of “meds” he’s being fed, but I believe everything that he’s saying about the K’s. We all know that “Get Out” reference was about the ways of that family…and basically him. They’ve tried to control him time and time again. We also know that his mind has been unstable. I’m praying for his safety.

  10. Is it just me ir does these articles sound heavily biased? It really feels like you have a close Kardashian source & they’re feeding you info to keep up their image. I’m not accusing you of that, but ut definitely comes off that way.

    1. Yes it does seem that way. I love this page but it’s very Pro Kardashian. That family is in no way innocent. I think Kanye is just exposing what ppl already knew about them. He’s just being sloppy about it.

    2. I agree. Others have noticed as well. It’s been mentioned that Kim helped during a event. That she was really nice blah blah. That’s good and all but so what? I don’t like biased articles.

  11. LMAO Ye is OFFICIALLY on the presidential ballot in at least ONE state , presidential candidates undergo vetting process for all known family members and known associates , IDK but this seems like Ye got the official top secret dossier and it confirmed revealed ALOT of principal facts ! Now instead of waving the paperwork around he would be smarter to just go ballistic on Twitter as a neutral public forum and air it out and delete . If LP gets exposed for her activity in Dubai she is gonna sing like a bird on the rest of the Klan . IDK but I can believe KKW smashed LP and Aubrey individually if not in an entanglement LOL ! As far as being committed to the 72 hr hold , Ye told them he is in WY come get me LOL dont forget that any harm to an official presidential candidate is punishible by death penalty , so as long as Donald is on the job Klan is just going to have to shutup and take this Ye smoke + if Maxwell named any PMK shady activity its already over for the Klan anyway THEY ALL GOING ON HOUSE ARREST SMDH .

  12. Kanye is in that maniac state. His mind is speeding down the highway. So anyone or anything that impacted him is heavy on his mind. He is fixating on things/people. So he is having a mash up of delusions and truth. And people keep bringing up how he knows what he is doing. But being manipulate and conniving is also part of his disease. They are trying to play you. But again it is part of the disease. They play you as long as they can then the delusion comes out. Plus he has all the evils of Hollywood knocking at his door. Kanye needs help.

    1. And YES his mom passing played a big role in his head space. But I firmly believe even if Donda was here today, Kanye would still be suffering from mental illness. The only difference is that he would have someone to advocate for him and he would listen to his mom…hopefully.

  13. People are so delusional it’s crazy that y’all support this man cus y’all hate the kardashian last that much lol

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