September 30, 2022

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24 thoughts on “Word Has it 7/20/2020

  1. I just feel she should leave the rappers and athletes alone. She’s better off with a billionaire tycoon who will wine and dine her and will shout to the world how much he loves her.

  2. I think they will be a good couple. Thanks for this I was wondering their status. She post them yesterday and they look cute and she looks younger.

  3. She vibes with ASAP well but I still want her to go get another billionaire. Or try her hardest to fix what happened with Hassan, cause it still sounded like something fixable.

    I also wish drake would get out of Barbados because at this point it’s obvious reaching for attention, and her brother is condoning it.

    1. I think her brother developed a genuine bond with drake. And he hates that it didn’t work out between the 2 and can’t move on lol. It be like that for family sometime. A family member brings home a girlfriend/boyfriend who every body vibes with, but the relationship between the family member and the person ends. But all the rest of the family made a good friendship with the ex. It can kinda suck to say goodbye lol.

      1. It’s one thing to remain friends but all this social media broadcasting that’s being done on the sly, you know people are telling rih or sending her stuff whether it’s fans in her DMs or Friends of hers. That’s why I feel she keep dropping subliminal hints to cut the BS but the boys keep going. Posting ASAP, pics with her tattoo she got with drake covered up, etc.

  4. She’s not gonna take him seriously she’s gonna end up hurting him as soon as she gets what she’s wants

  5. ASAP seems outta her league.

    I’ll never forget those pics that came out where he was looking like a single mother with that baby on his hip lmao

  6. I honestly don’t believe this. She knows that’s a downgrade. I think they are just cool. I mean women and men can be friends. Just my thoughts

  7. Mannnnnnnnn! I didn’t even know she was still entertaining him and they’ve never been exclusive before soooooo who knows !!!

  8. IDK why she wanna be with him smh…she has waaaay more money than him…the dick must be that good…he’s LAME AF

  9. Those would be some pretty kids and you better use him for that fenty make foundation his skin is flawless

  10. I don’t believe that it is one sided with Drake unless he is crazy. Since her beak up I think she has been entertaining him. Remember her going to he’s bday party and the Instagram lives they were both on. If they we that comfortable to talk on social media then they are talking privately.
    I am not claiming they are in any type of relationship but I can’t believe he would go to Barbados and sign her book outside the family home if they weren’t cool.
    As for Asap, I just can’t see it

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